Grub Modification of Kali Linux

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Reconfiguring Kali Linux as a platform in addition to updating the system yesterday, there are some additional configurations that need to be configured, such as grub under dual systems. There is a need to reconfigure grub because the default grub boot entry is Kali when Kali is installed on the same hard disk in Windows, and the time default is 5 seconds, as a real machine often comes into the kali between reactions.
General configuration of the grub configuration file, are under/boot/grub with root permissions to open the Menu.lst file, the main settings are default and timeout two parameters, but in Kali, the default does not have this file:

So we need to use a different method of modification, here are two:
1. By modifying the/etc/default/grub file, set the above two parameters, such as default= your system number (starting from 0), timeout=30 (seconds);
2. By modifying the/boot/grub/grub.cfg file configuration, the same is the above two options;
Here we use the first, modify the value of the two parameters, of course, here is just very simple grub menu modification, other functions will be in the subsequent use of the process, when needed to give:

Finally remember to update grub to make immediate effect: Update-grub

Grub Modification of Kali Linux

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