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Time High Clothing CAD9.5
Fuxi Clothing and footwear industry invoicing system

shoecam4.2 Shoe Mould

Cadmax. solid.master.v10.00
DataCAD V10.21
caddat dwgbase V2.0
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igesworks.v6.0 1CD
Paraform v3.0
linkcad.v4.7.4 (different format sheet conversions)
The GRAPHICS Connection V2.2.0 ( Data conversion software between multiple software)
RSI. Camcad. pro.v4.5
RSI omninet 6.0.7
RSI. Camcad PCB Translator v3.9.5a (model input and output, data conversion)
RSI. Bom. explorer.v6.7.017
RSI. exchange.v6.0.38

Softech.designgateway.v2002-8 V7
PowerCad. Sitemaster. Elevation. V3
PowerCad. Xp. V3
PowerCad. Sitemaster. OFFICE. Xp. V3
SmartCam 11.5 (Chinese)
China Petrochemical Financial Information System 2.2
Shangri-La CAD mechanical chart
Valve CAD (FMCAD 2000)
Separation Machinery CAD (F&SCAD 2000)
Steel Pressure Vessel Design System (PVS98)
Pressure Vessel CAD (PVCAD 2000)
General Machinery CAD (GMCAD)
Mechanical Design Manual (software version) V3.0
Mechanical Design Manual (new software edition) 2008
Machining process Manual (software edition) R1.0
Mechanical Fixture Design Manual Software Edition v1.0 1CD
Plastic Mold Audio Teaching CD 1CD
Tian Yu CAD2005
INTERCAD5.5 (Tian Yu CAD5.5 just decrypted)
InteCAD2004 for autocad2004
Tsinghua Tianhe th-mcad2002 Professional Edition
Tsinghua Tianhe PCCAD71
Tsinghua Tianhe PCCAD2007 Network Edition
Tianhe CAPP2000
Tsinghua Tianhe CAPP2005
Zhejiang Big day gs-icad-8.0 Official edition
Mechanical Engineer 2004
Mechanical Engineer Enhanced Version 2003
Mechanical Engineer 2006 for CAD2004
Open Eyes CAPP4.1
Open eyes CAPP6.0 fully decrypted version
Open Eyes CAPP2004
Open-Eye BOM 3.3 & PDM 3.3
Open Eyes BOM4.7.8
Open Eyes Kmcad 2005 (V6.0)
Open Eyes KMCAD2005_SP4
kmcad2006 (Open Eye CAD2006)
Large Heng Machinery CAD for R14
Big constant CAD HMCAD8.0
Ketou Mechanical CAD2000
Ketou CADTOOL2001
Ketou CAD2001
Caxa Manufacturing Engineer 2004 Standalone/online version
Caxa Electronic drawing board 2007.R2
Caxa Electronic drawing Board 2005 Enterprise Edition R4
Caxa Solid Design 2008R1
Caxa three-dimensional electronic drawing board XP
Caxa Graphic Document 2007
Caxa Process Chart 2007r1
Caxa Process Summary Table XP
CAXA Collaborative Management XP
Caxa Wire Cutting XPR1
Caxa CNC car R3 (can be installed on XP)
Caxa CNC car xp
Mechanical Design System V3.0
Autop wire cutting software autop DXF 2005 for Win 98_WINXP
Band5 WEDM 2.0 drawing-type wire-cutting automatic programming system
YCUT2002 Wire Cutting programming system-fast-moving silk version
Liftcad 6.0 automatic die design software
Katherine PICAD2006
Katherine CAD2008 Enterprise Edition
Loading Cabinet Design 2003
CAD 2009 (Electrical, water supply and drainage, mechanical, construction, structure, HVAC)
Die Design Manual Software Edition 1.0
World Steel Reference Manual (second edition)
V6.8, China CAD engineer
Hao Chen iCAD HVAC software 2003i
Hao Chen iCAD platform software 2003i
Hao Chen iCAD electrical software idq2003i
Weft Balance Drawing VHCAD5.43
Wentaisculpturemulti painting 2000+ Chinese version (98)
Wentaisculpturemulti 2002 pair of CD Platinum version 2CD
Engraved Master 6.0
V1.3 of calculation and analysis system for lifting mechanism
capp5.5 of the design system of the SI PU process
Shanghai Si Pu capp2002
V3 Process Design System (card customization and process design has been solved)
Olympus Shoe Design Grading System 6.5
Founder Soar 4.0 second Edition
Founder Book version 9.1/10.0
Plastic Mold Design Standard LTOOLS4.1
ccmold.v2.0 (LTOOLS2004)
Turing Chart CAD V3.01
Mind Mapping. Mm60-e-643_pro
lc2000 of wave machinery CAD system
Six Arts Gear Design program
Blue Soft 5000ERP (industrial version) V2.3
Open Think SCSG2002
Yellow River Electrical Management 10.8 Build 1208
Test analysis and statistical software DPS6.55
ATMANAVR 4.2 AVR MCU C Language integrated development package
pathloss.4.0 Radio Design Software
Long kee mould Rack Library full series (V2.0) for UG 6CD
Long kee mould steel sheet and standard mould frame
Container Star (single) 2004
Container packing optimization software encase.v2.0
Genius for AUTOCAD14 integrated installation version

Tower design Software:
Tower Manufacturing Assistant TMA2.60.1.1
Tower Manufacturing Assistant TMA3.0.2.5 stand-alone version
Internal force analysis of Iron Tower TSA1.20
Steel tower Drawing and lofting software latticetower1.0.0.1 (lattice LMA)
Angle Steel discharging system V1.1

Virtual reality
cadsoft_envisioneer_v3.00.c2.458 design and plot virtual scenes with virtual, intelligent, three-dimensional architectural models

eingana.v1.5 2CD virtual reality guided tour

Eon.vue.7_xstream three-dimensional landscape simulation
EON. Cad.v3.5.9.for.deep.exploration
EON Virtual Reality production
EON. raptor.v5.5.1

Engenuity. STAGE. SCENARIO. V5.0
Engenuitytech. STAGE. V4.2 2CD Simulation

cybermotion.3d-designer.v11.0.50.6 (3D scene design software, capable of designing and simulating complex and realistic scenes)


ROMAX. Software. SUITE. V12.3 virtual Prototyping (gear) version

Virtualgrid VRMesh v2.5 New sketch-based 3D free-form deformable patch parametric surface modelling software
Vrcontext Walkinside v3.5 is a real-time simulation of the production of real-world CAD software. Rapid generation of large, complex 3D environment models

GAMBIT. MIMIC. simulator.suite.v7.2 (Virtual network Lab)
gambit.mimic.virtual.lab.enterprise.3.1 (Cisco Virtual Lab)

3dvri.v2.2 Interactive Virtual reality simulation system

mak_software_suite_v4.0 virtual Reality (VR) and real-time simulation software
MAK Data Logger v3.9a
MAK Gateway v4.1.1
MAK PVD v2.7
MAK RTI v2.2
MAK Stealth v5.2a
MAK vr-forces v3.7
MAK Vr-link v3.9.1

Multigen-paradigm Vega 3.7
Multigen-paradigm VEGA PRIME v2.0
Multigen-paradigm VEGA PRIME v1.2
Multigen-paradigm VEGA PRIME for Linux v1.2
blueberry.3d.terrain.editor.v1.0 2CD for Multigen-paradigm ' s Vega Prime

Nemetschek. VECTORWORKS. V11.0 Virtual Environments
VectorWorks.V12.MAC.OSX 3CD

Realsoft 3D v6.0

stella.v9.0.2 Dynamic visual Simulation software system

virtual.worlds.v5.5.10.432 Virtual 3D simulation interior design software

VNI. PV. WAVE. Analysis and visualization of data




OptiCore Products: Advanced Virtual Reality Toolkit for advanced product introductions and mock-up
opticore.opus.realizer.v1.5 Virtual manufacturing, collaborative design

Quantum3D Products:
opengvs.v4.5 (real-time development of visual simulation for scene graphics, with good modularity, great programming flexibility, and portability.) A variety of software resources, using the resources provided by themselves

API, which can be used to organize visual elements and programming in close to natural and object-oriented ways to simulate the various features of the scene simulation
Q q:1140988741 Good faith cooperation

Phone tel:18980583122 long-term effective
Navisworks Products:
navisworks.v3.6 large 3D model of real-time roaming, it supports a variety of 3D CAD models, thereby maximizing the possible use of 3D design features to achieve team design. Widely used in construction, engineering

, construction and design areas

Silicon Graphics Products:
Sgi. opengl.performer.v3.2.2 OpenGL Performer is a powerful API for generating real-time visual simulations and other interactive three-dimensional graphics applications. This software provides advanced

Multi-process and multichannel management, spanning multiple complex graphics applications. As a bridge between Irix and Linux, OpenGL performer provides true cross-platform functionality and investment for real-time, three-dimensional markets

Protection of funds)
Sgi. opengl.volumizer.v2.9

Virtools. DEV. V3.5

Euresys S.A. Products:
Evision v6.0 (Image Computing comparison software for industrial and medical studies) (three-dimensional animation, modeling tools)
CAMbridge Animation Systems Animo 6.0 animation production
MANGA. STUDIO. debut.3.0 Animation Design
shade_professional_v8.5.1 3D Drawing Animation
Reallusion. V3.2



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