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For a zero-starting ordinary users, should be through these three steps to become a qualified Web site production and management bar.

First, from the manual preparation of the most basic code start:

Although there are a lot of tools for making Web pages, we recommend that beginners start by writing code from hand to page. On the one hand, this will give you a deeper understanding of how the Web works, to recognize the essential difference between making a Web page and editing a document with Office software; On the other hand, in many cases, it will be quicker to modify the page code directly than the Web-making tool, resulting in a smaller, more structured page file size, facilitate later maintenance.

The best tool for writing code manually is the "notepad" software that comes with the Windows system, and the code that we write is called "HTML language." By using the Notepad software, write the code in the format specified in the HTML language and save it as an "HTM" or "html" file on your hard disk, double-click on it to open it in a browser and see how the Web page will appear. The whole process is very convenient, and without the installation of additional software tools, it is very suitable for novice learning without foundation.

HTML language itself more content, in order to allow beginners to learn as soon as possible, it is recommended to start with the following elements:

(1) The structure of the Web page.

Include: Mark the beginning of the page tag, separate the head of the page tag, separate the page body of the mark, beginners can in the tag at random type some text to see the display of the page.

(2) Picture mark. Learning this marker, you can make a full web page with illustrations. At the same time, you can also make you deeply understand that the text and pictures in the Web page is actually divided into multiple files to store, and Word documents will be stored in a document is completely different, and this is often the most misunderstood for beginners place.

(3) Hyperlink tag. Learning this tag, you can move to another page by clicking on a line of text. Hyperlinks are the attractions of the Internet world, and the vast expanse of information is connected by countless hyperlinks. To make hyperlinks, you usually need to write multiple Web page files and write different link text in each file. This will also give you a deeper understanding of how the Web site files are stored.

(4) Make the mark of the form. Table is a very important element in the Web page, in addition to displaying the data in a list, in the page to divide the area, layout text pictures and other elements, are implemented through the table. Mastering the ability to analyze tabular code will make you more likely to maintain your Web site later.

Actually learned these knowledge, it has opened the door to the production of Web pages. No matter how complicated the technology applied later, it is all around the technology.

Second, learning to make Web pages of auxiliary tools:

Learned to hand-write code, has been able to make a model of the Web page, but it is difficult to make a certain scale, more complex layout of the page. To achieve this, you must also make use of web pages to create accessibility tools.

Dreamweave is an outstanding member of many web-making tools. However, the software is powerful, menu, button a wide range of beginners, if for the sake of the diagram, a use of this tool to do the Web page, is bound to confused, can not touch the direction. If you have a more in-depth understanding of the Web page code, first think in the code can achieve what effect, and then in the Dreamweave software to find the corresponding functions, it will be much easier, and more convenient to remember.

In Dreamweaver, "layout table" is very characteristic of a function, the user controls the mouse, in the screen to draw a square, you can achieve a variety of page elements of the arrangement. It is also a powerful tool for making complex web pages, which need to be mastered.

Iii. to the establishment of interactive and database-based Web sites:

The above two ways, but also to make a unilateral display of information page. To achieve true interaction between visitors and sites, you must implement them through a background program. For example, the user input some information in the foreground page, the website backstage program obtains this information and carries on the screening, according to the different judgment result to show the user different webpage, thus realizes the dialogue type information interaction. At present, the popular background programming language has ASP language, PHP language, etc., learning these languages, need to have a certain basic language, C language Foundation.

The background database is the most effective and commonly used method if the Web site needs to provide the information that is constantly changing, or to save the information entered by the user. For beginners, the combination of +access database using ASP language is a good choice. The Windows system contains Web service components that support these tools, and you can easily turn your computer into a Web server without the need for additional software installation. If you are connected to the Internet, you can let your friends and relatives visit your website through your IP address, and let them share your joy of success

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