Gulp Common Modules

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Auto Refresh
var livereload = require (' gulp-livereload ');

Allows you to map your current project directory to localhost, which is added to add the automatic refresh (livereload) feature.
var webserver = require (' Gulp-webserver ');

The browser automatically opens the project directory
var opn = require (' OPN ');

The default Gulp task will error when it executes and immediately stop the current workflow (such as when the watch sass compiles, it happens that sass code is incorrectly written). Using the Plumber module, you can continue to perform tasks after correcting errors.
var plumber = require (' Gulp-plumber ');

Automatically handle browser prefixes based on browser version setting
var autoprefixer = require (' autoprefixer ');

Gulp + Webpack Building Multi-page front-end projects:

Add Webpack to existing Gulp projects:

Postcss Deep Learning: What you need to know:

Contribute two Gulp plugins:

Gulp automatically add version number:



Gulp Common Modules

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