Gzframwork Rapid Development Framework Walkthrough member System (ii) adding a dictionary module

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Please read it before you begin

Form Design description of Gzframwork rapid development Framework

First step: Prepare the module picture

The image is 2 sizes, respectively 16x16 and 32x32, placed in the \debug\images directory

Because there are not many member management modules

Change the Navbarcontrol group icon to a 32x32 size;

Modify the GZVip.Main.frmMain.cs code

Modify the image of group in the Refreshmodule () method

Before modification:

After modification

Before and after the modification, the left side is modified and the right is modified

Step Two: Add items

Right-click the solution to add the project,

Note the. NET 4.0 class Library

Project Name: gzvip.dictionary

Step three: Modify the project gzvip.dictionary the output path is:. \debug\module\

Fourth step: Modify the AssemblyInfo of the project gzvip.dictionary, add custom Attributes Assemblymodule

Note: The first parameter is the module name, the second parameter is a module picture corresponding to two picture names: Dictionary_16x16.png and Dictionary_32x32.png

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Need to add references to Gzframwork and gzframworklibrary

Now that the module has been added, the effect is shown in the next section to add functionality to the module

about Gzframwork rapid development Framework

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Gzframwork Rapid Development Framework Walkthrough member System (ii) Add a dictionary module

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