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Enter an integer array, and the array contains positive and negative numbers.
One or more consecutive integers in the array form a sub-array. Each sub-array has a sum.
Returns the maximum value of the sum of all sub-arrays. The time complexity is O (n ).

For example, the input array is 1,-2, 3, 10,-4, 7, 2,-5, and the maximum sub-array is 3, 10,-4, 7, 2,
Therefore, the output is the sum of 18 of the sub-array.


# Include <stdio. h> # include <malloc. h> # include <assert. h> int max_subarray_sum (int * a, int num) {assert (a); int sum = 0; // traverses the array value and stores the value int max = A [0]; // store the maximum value of the current sub-array Int J = 0; // record the position of the current I int I; // traverse the array counter for (I = 0; I <num;) // cyclically traverse the Array {sum = sum + A [I]; If (sum> MAX) // if the sum result is greater than Max, update Max, record the position of the current I {max = sum; I ++; j = I;} else if (sum <0) // if the sum value is less than 0, it indicates that the result of adding the previous sub-array is not ideal. sum is set to zero, and {sum = 0; I = J; I ++;} is recalculated from the next I ;} else // This indicates that the sum value is not Max, but the sum value is not smaller than zero: A non-positive number may be a larger integer, so continue the sequential I ++; j = I;} if (I = num-1 & max <0) // This can avoid all negative cases {for (I = 1; I <num; I ++) {if (a [I]> MAX) max = A [I] ;}} return Max ;} int main () {int A [] = {-3,-2, 0}; int num = sizeof (a)/sizeof (INT); int max_subarray_sum = max_subarray_sum (A, num ); printf ("% d \ n", max_subarrya_sum); Return 0 ;}


// Copyright @ July // July, updated, 2011.05.25. # Include <iostream. h> # define N 4 // define an extra variable int maxsum (int A [n]) // here, you can see the above idea 2 code (pointer) {int max = A [0]; // returns the maximum number of int sum = 0; For (Int J = 0; j <n; j ++) {If (sum> = 0) // If an element is added, sum> = 0, sum + = A [J]; else sum = A [J]; // If an element is added and sum <0, if (sum> MAX) max = sum;} return Max;} int main () is not added () {int A [] = {-1,-2,-3,-4}; cout <maxsum (a) <Endl; return 0 ;}


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