H3 BPM Community: Learning Exchange Platform for process developers

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Listed companies listing process, financing expansion has financing process, the project bid bidding process, the department leader selection has promotion process, staff leave leave to take leave process, get up to work to freshen up with their own custom process ... Life is a process, and the process is everywhere. But from the information construction, the enterprise's process runs through the coordination and cooperation between each department of the enterprise, the operation and control of each item. How to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise management through business process management and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, in the context of Internet + times, process development will become one of the future blazing hot software development projects.

An excellent enterprise process development project, can integrate the enterprise's SAP system process with the enterprise self-developed management system and the built-in business operation process to combine efficiently and seamlessly, at the same time according to the Enterprise own development demand free configuration enterprise's process structure. However, the previous process projects in the market usually adopt open source process platform or pure code development, the surface of the cost reduction, the actual overall cost is higher, the general existence of the project cycle is not controllable, project quality is not controllable, delivery of product scalability is poor, late maintenance difficult and so on. Today, software development teams are smaller and faster, and more and more software developers are using easy-to-use software development tools. In response to the above questions, the small series was fortunate to interview the H3 BPM community in charge of Ma Xufei, to share the H3 BPM community for process developers to build learning Exchange platform for the efforts.

Process development platform is easy to learn and use

For process developers, process development tools should naturally be easy to learn, easy to use and efficient. All along, BPM as a set of professional enterprise management software system, development and configuration threshold is higher. H3 BPM is easy-to-use, with strong scalability and integration capabilities, and low cost, and is suitable for process developers as a process development tool. H3 BPM configuration process is efficient, such as data modeling 90% for business language rather than code, drag-and-drop + parameter settings to achieve 90% of form modeling, through a simple graphical selection of nodes, parameters set links, online can easily complete the process modeling design. Break open source platform, independent research and development of low efficiency, significantly improve development efficiency, and directly call the core architecture, make it more efficient, lower cost, better quality.

Of course, for self-development, tools are important, and management is fundamental. Therefore, the process developers not only focus on the function of the process development platform itself, but also pay more attention to the learning communication in process development process and understanding of the BPM industry, the birth of the process development community becomes the inevitable trend!

Learning Exchange platform for process developers

The H3 BPM Community (http://bbs.h3bpm.com) is an essential product of the BPM market, providing an exchange and sharing platform for all process practitioners. Ma Xufei said that the H3 BPM community, in addition to providing developers with a corresponding help manuals, learning tutorials, training videos, customer stories and other rich learning feast, more importantly, to provide developers with a troubleshooting and sharing platform to help process developers in learning, development process to jump out of industry or enterprise constraints, Explore, communicate and share the problems and experiences of process development with a broader mindset. At the same time, the community is also a window for H3 BPM to share the technical connotation of H3 BPM itself. At the level of content operations, the H3 BPM community has specialized technical teams including product architects, product development Center directors, PMO directors and project managers to provide professional online services to process developers.

In addition to strong learning, as a platform for sharing and communication, the community has not regularly combined with hot events, special holidays and other activities, including the provision of sweepstakes and points Mall and other content to interact with users, I hope that users in a relaxed environment to learn communication at the same time can also harvest unexpected surprises.

H3 BPM the future direction of community development

It is understood that the H3 BPM community on-line has been more than April, the process developers have been widely praised. Next, the community will focus not only on the improvement and promotion of its own function and user experience, but more importantly, the promotion of Community content construction. It is believed that in the near future, the H3 BPM community will provide more and more high-quality content for the Community users more convenient service.

For a longer-term goal, Ma Xufei, H3 BPM community wants to be a BPM community, offering more professional content to more process enthusiasts, business managers and process practitioners, and partnering with universities to provide services for both university students and fresh graduates on BPM technologies and industries, Jointly promote the development of the domestic BPM industry.

The Warring States period Shang Yang once said, know the person in not Meng. With the rapid advances in information technology today, H3 BPM community will be able to open up new Horizons while serving the process developers by taking matters into consideration and not losing courage.

H3 BPM Community: Learning Exchange Platform for process developers

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