Hadoop and cloud technology, cloud computing mixed with clarification

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This article refers to from: http://www.aboutyun.com/blog-61-248.html First, beginner question:

Ask a question in the actual build environment, where does the data source come from to deploy Hadoop, or is it necessary for the program to migrate the data to the Hadoop cloud?


(1) Hadoop is not a cloud, and Hadoop is a big data-processing

(2) If you generate data, you can use Sqoop to import data, or you can use the Phone log tool, such as Flume

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Cloud technology, Cloud computing Getting Started guide video


Second, what is cloud technology

Cloud technology contains a broad, about cloud presentation modules are data cloud technology or cloud technology-related

(1) Hadoop is not a cloud technology, but it can handle the big data generated by cloud computing, but not just cloud computing back to produce big data

(2) OpenStack and cloud foundry belong to cloud technology, they can be used to build cloud platform such as Iaas,saas.

(3) Spirit Cloud is an intelligent cloud

(4) The mobile cloud is based on a cloud platform, a thinner and smaller client, but can complete the computer lock thing

(5) Cloud platform, which is built using OpenStack, such as Baidu Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, we are on top. can develop new software

Hadoop and cloud technology, cloud computing mixed with clarification

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