Hai Zheng Industrial general manager Zhang Minghe: Entrepreneurship needs efforts and perseverance

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The advent of the Internet era, so that countless entrepreneurs with dreams, to pursue, to the speed, to open up their own a piece of "territory." December 16, 2015, Wu Town held the Second World Internet Congress, but also the "Internet +" pushed to the forefront of entrepreneurship. "Internet +" is not just a concept, but has risen to the national strategic level.

Recently, Hai Zheng Industrial general manager Zhang Minghe's entrepreneurial experience, this in Xin East tracking more than four years of entrepreneurial entrepreneurial process and story in mind inadvertently surfaced.

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University is a place of teaching and educating, but also a temple to cultivate talents. Everyone in the campus to pursue their own dreams, some want to be a scientist, some want to become a teacher to cultivate gardeners, and others want to become entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship. Choose different, decide different life destiny.

Where the dream started

University, an academic sanctuary that countless parents admire and aspire to. In 2003, Zhang Minghe, like other students, walked into the once enviable sanctuary.

Into college, yes! To know, can determine the fate of only some can not fear hardship, standing in the forefront of the pain of trying to start a college student.

Zhang Minghe, during the Nanyang Teachers College, as a class cadre, actively participate in various community activities, exercise practical operation ability. A few years of college life, greatly enriched and broadened the field of vision for his future venture buried the foreshadowing. This day is not too long, everything in the time of the confirmation of slowly and brewing.

Now in the Hai Zheng Industry general manager Zhang Minghe, Dream really need a place to start, alma mater Nanyang Teachers College gave him the place where the dream began, thanks to his alma mater.

Corporate culture guidelines "Hai Zheng" all the way

Hai Zheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, its corporate font size has a certain regional location source. Hai Zheng Industrial founder of Henan, University study in Zhengzhou, and entrepreneurship in Shanghai, which is the interpretation of Hai Zheng industry. Shanghai, the largest city in mainland China, is the fastest-growing city in the economy and culture, where we will merge with the fastest speed, develop ourselves, grow ourselves, dedicate ourselves, create value and repay the society. Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, is China's important inland open cities and historical and cultural cities; Henan, the Central Plains, is a large province of Chinese culture, economic major province, has also been the founder of Hai Zheng Industrial land, he learned professional knowledge and skills, but also exercise his comprehensive ability.

It is with great enthusiasm, deeply attached to the hometown, Shanghai and Zhengzhou name each to take a word combination into "Hai Zheng", this is also Hai Zheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Enterprise size basis and origin.

As an innovative enterprise, Hai Zheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales, agent distribution, technical advice, information services as a whole, to high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship team as the backbone of the enterprise, to ensure product performance safety and reliability.

Entrepreneurship requires passion and sustained combat effectiveness.

"The road to success is not congested, because there are not many people sticking down. "A lot of people know this truth, but time let them slack down, halfway, on the contrary, those who are not too smart, but can persist, to reach the end of the final harvest."

Countless examples and experiences tell us that entrepreneurs are a bunch of lunatics and fools, and only these two are capable. In fact, everyone is not silly, lack of perseverance and persistence.

"The road to entrepreneurship is very lonely, even your relatives and friends around you will not support you at first!" "This is a very normal phenomenon, but as a normal attitude to treat and behave."

No matter in what state, mentality must be better, must be full of enthusiasm and passion to go all out, the final effect will be revealed. As "dictionary" college students, more touch some walls, but also the biggest harvest. The key is the need for passion and sustained combat effectiveness.

Riding swagger to build a dream of entrepreneurship Thanksgiving alma mater Read Wolong Love

(Nanyang Teachers College student journalist Linhuiru Chenlingling Guo Xiaofei)

One, Wolong scenery Shaoguang Good Study course step by step difficult

Once upon a time, many students are in a variety of opinions in the wandering, unable to find the course of success, Zhang Minghe in the teacher's guidance to strengthen their faith, in school when he with a pair of keenly aware of the eye to seize every opportunity.

In the autumn of September 2003, Zhang Minghe began to study and live three years in Nanyang Teachers ' College. During the school period, he studied hard, actively participated in the school student management work, the first year of the university, he actively campaigned and eventually served as Class committee and student Union cadre. When confronted with a problem, he stresses the principle and handles it properly. The strong sense of responsibility made him sparkle among the students.

He did not have his own time, the first in the morning to leave the dormitory, the last night to return to the dormitory. For the class of students, for the Department of student will work hard to pay. As a monitor, he serves his classmates and conducts a series of activities with the college. As a member of the Bureau of the Student Union, he not only guaranteed the planning and orderly development of the activities, but also uploaded them, and really played a bridge and pivotal role between students and teachers.

Do not forget the eventful in Nanyang Teachers College, the Nanyang Normal University "Yu Ying Cup" bilingual competition, classic poetry recitation competition, college students debate, campus singers, hosts, dance, aerobics, folk competitions and other school-level competitions of the activities of the scene, have his positive figure.

In the days of the teachers ' College, he has always demanded high standards and worked hard to improve himself. In addition to the 1-month period, he was in the office of the College students to assist in the collation of the hundreds of-person teacher qualification Certificate of the relevant procedures, but also sleepless nights, positive preparation. Finally, the hard work finally has a return, in 2006 of the special promotion of this exam with 193 points (the year the Construction Line 80 points) of the results into the Sias International College. If not three years of hard work and effort, I am afraid there will not be so many gains.

Two, plowed Qishan Lin Pengfei nine days before aloft

2008, in the long triangle in the rainy season, just out of the university gate Zhang Minghe with Entrepreneurial Dream, with the university campus in the accumulation of extraordinary courage, alone to the Yangtze River Delta, Yong rushed to Shanghai Beach, came to the creation of countless legends "ten Li Miles Downtown", began his arduous entrepreneurial road. The beginning of the start of his taste of life on the road of the ups and downs, the courage of his end through perseverance to pay, harvest the success of the successful entrepreneurial fruits.

Out of the campus Zhang Minghe do not know what is the taste of entrepreneurship, later, only to understand its sweet and sour five taste. In the difficult period of entrepreneurship, he continued to study the policy, actively study the Shanghai municipality on Employment Entrepreneurship, the introduction of the relevant policies, to find the Shanghai career Introduction Minhang sub-center, in order to obtain timely and accurate information constantly on the run, to understand career guidance, vocational training and business guidance related knowledge and other relevant matters related to entrepreneurship, Collect a lot of information about entrepreneurship, and received the guidance of the Shanghai Professional Volunteer Corps mentors to help, actively guide, encourage support.

Hai Zheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. since its inception in 2009, has more than seven years. Over the past seven years, the company has only two registered shareholders from one step to the present cooperation team, "more than 2". Today's business income is the annual express growth status, with strong growth. From 2009 sales of 140,000, to 2012 sales of 1.26 million, then to 2013 sales reached 3 million, Zhang Minghe constantly learning enterprise modern management knowledge, improve the level of management, so that the comprehensive strength of enterprises continue to a new stage. In 2014, Hai Zheng Industrial further vigorously China's electric power business, domestic sales plan is 10 million yuan, and preliminary export business, so that the main business of Hai Zheng Industrial power products to expand into the petrochemical, shipbuilding, electricity and other fields. Zhang Minghe grasp the industry trends, and constantly make breakthrough management, for the product to adapt to the market update to do enough preparation. He is a brave enough entrepreneur, if he had not bravely rushed to the Shanghai beach, he did not succeed at this time.

Shanghai good entrepreneurial environment and more development opportunities, to ensure the survival of Hai Zheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and in the fierce market competition under the conditions of the company to "special, fine, special, new" direction of rapid development, the company has a prominent main business, high level of specialization, targeted, fast response to customers, high-quality service characteristics. Company efforts will be the main business to do a strong, relying on the Shanghai Energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection requirements, to create a leading trademark brand effect, and actively expand overseas markets, towards the world. Zhang Minghe efforts to drive enterprise staff, good talent training, and drive more friends around the employment of entrepreneurship. He realizes the dream in his heart and also contributes to the realization of the Chinese dream.

Three, thousands of miles of heart Teachers College emotion read the alma mater Educate

Zhang Minghe his alma mater of the tree moral education, career success he did not forget Thanksgiving alma mater, the alma mater Development is very concerned. April 26, 2013, the Shanghai Alumni Association of our school experienced long-term preparation brewing in Shanghai, Zhang Minghe as the secretary General of Shanghai Alumni Association, the Alumni Association secretariat is located in Hai Zheng Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., under the Office, Liaison Department, Information Department, service department 4 working departments.

It is reported that the Shanghai Alumni Association since the preparation, after a few months of five preparations, has formed a more complete structure of the Alumni association, the cohesion of the alumni in Shanghai nearly 200 people, training a group of enthusiastic backbone strength. And often held alumni summary meeting, on the alumni mechanism management and other aspects of the summary work methods, explore innovative ideas. At the same time, regular alumni networking activities, in order to come to Shanghai Entrepreneurship alumni to create a perfect platform, to create a warm harbor, really let teachers in the field to find a home in general.

In the future alumni work, Zhang Minghe as Secretary-General will further promote the traditional teachers ' college, disseminate information, strengthen alumni contacts, contact alumni feelings, strengthen the cohesion among alumni, fully mobilize the strength of alumni, promote the development of school career, promote school and society in Education, research and culture and other fields of communication and cooperation, Make a greater contribution to the development and construction of alma mater.

"Oriental desire to Xiao, Modau early, walk all over the castle peak people are not old, scenery this side alone good." Alumni career for the Zhang Minghe is a heavy load, but also a sincere hope of the alma mater. Along the course of the enterprise, I believe that between the alma mater and the Enterprise, through the Alumni association, this platform can emerge more well-known alumni like Zhang Minghe, further strengthen the foundation of alumni business, open the new situation of alumni work. Inspirational like him, have loyalty so, resolute forward, will be able to go out more broad world! (Nanyang Teachers College student journalist Linhuiru Chenlingling Guo Xiaofei)

Zhang Minghe was hired as a career tutor for college students in Nanyang Normal University

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November 29, 2015, Nanyang Normal University Li Wenan Vice-President, Recruitment and Employment Department Yang Bingqun Director, recruitment and Employment Department Chief of the General branch of Yang Xiaoli and other lines arrived in the Yangtze River Delta, Li Wenan vice president of the Shanghai Alumni Association, the Shanghai Alumni Association, the chairman of the board to receive plaque, the Secretary-General, Hai Zheng Industrial general manager Zhang Minghe to participate in licensing activities.

During this period, Chenhaizhou president will do a good job of the alma mater, to carry out the regular work of Shanghai Alumni Association, as well as the employment of school graduates in-depth discussion, the Shanghai Alumni Association in order to promote alumni employment entrepreneurship and other aspects of information to promote alumni employment.

Nanyang Teachers College to recruit Shanghai Alumni Association Chenhaizhou, AboutUs, Chen Zhi, Zhang Minghe, Zhang Xinhua for Nanyang Normal University college students start-up employment tutor, admissions and Employment Department Yang Bingqun the director issued an appointment, Chenhaizhou President, Zhang Minghe Secretary-General received the letter of appointment.

How to find a partner

It is an undeniable fact that any company started with a few partners at the beginning of the establishment. In fact, not everyone is fit to be a partner. Partner, this is not a simple concept, but a collection of all the resources of the network circle broad-minded atmosphere has the ultimate crystallization of principles. Partner, is the essence, wisdom, character, fidelity, Faith crystallization.

Many people are asking: what is the most difficult business to find, here is not the talent, but the company's partners are most difficult to find. Partners need to have a tacit understanding of the existence, know how to give up, know how to be grateful, but things become also!

No matter what to engage in, loyal, loyalty is the biggest winner in the enterprise, even if you have a good, moral not, sooner or later will also push the enterprise to the fire pit.

Therefore, now do not blame enterprises do not have people, because many people do not have the "moral and both" this position. Now the market is very competitive, many people complain that the business is not good. In fact, not the business is not good to do, but the market in the elimination of a group of tricky, fraud, not to observe the integrity of the people. The future socio-economic system pays more attention to the tacit cooperation between moral character and good pedestrian. Those who do not observe integrity, blindly trample on the virtues of the final exit from the historical stage.

The internet is a huge entrepreneurial platform, the Second World Internet conference in 2015, more sitting in the Internet entrepreneurial era of great business opportunities. Grasp the great value created by the Internet era, seize the opportunity to do something you like to do, why not! At least not wasted life!

The internet era is unpredictable, business opportunities and risks are in the same. In any case, this is an entrepreneurial era, a rare opportunity. With Hai Zheng Industry general manager Zhang Minghe's sentence: Entrepreneurship needs to work hard and insist.

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Hai Zheng Industrial general manager Zhang Minghe: Entrepreneurship needs efforts and perseverance

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