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No matter how you access this page, if you plan to purchase a house in Hainan or Haikou, please read this article patiently, which will help you purchase a house.

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K.K has not visited Haikou for a long time due to its work in other places. Today, I went out and found that Haikou has become beautiful. In fact, K.K is not a native haikouning, but moved from a city in western Hainan to Haikou after going to college. Therefore, K.K is familiar with and unfamiliar with Haikou. Do you want to say that Hainan people are like this? What should I do if I come from the mainland? Don't worry. Now many friends from the Mainland are living and living in Hainan, so this gap is especially serious when it comes to exclusion (unless in the surrounding rural areas ). The best example is that in school, the children are well handled. People in the past 85 have no idea about the mainland, Hainan. My little cousin was 16 years old. He once told me that "none of the things that talk about Hainan Dialect in school are good". I almost told them the class teacher, but I must admit that, mandarin is not only the official language of Hainan, but also the most popular language.


Before learning about the Haikou longitudinal line, it is necessary to popularize the geographical knowledge of Hainan:

Pic1: Hainan map (Source: Google map)

In cities in Hainan, friends in the Mainland should be most familiar with Haikou and Sanya, which are located at the southernmost and southernmost ends of Haikou. Due to geographical reasons, the transportation in Hainan has been blocked since ancient times, and many materials need to be transported from the Mainland (of course not now). The most economical transportation mode is to take the sea, generally, it is from haian or Zhanjiang in Guangdong Province to Haikou new port. As the most critical transportation hub in Hainan, Haikou naturally becomes the provincial capital of Hainan.

K.K used to drive around the island with friends on two highways, namely the west line and the East line, in Hainan Province. Basically, it would take a week to complete the island in 10 hours. A friend once tried to ride a bicycle around the island, but I thought it was a bit crazy, but later I learned that many friends in the Mainland and abroad are keen on Hainan bicycle around the island.

The economically developed cities in Hainan basically follow the East-line expressway. These cities have always been at the forefront of Hainan in terms of agriculture, aquaculture, and tourism, including Wenchang and Qionghai, which have been selling well recently. There is a special Haiwen expressway between Haikou and Wenchang, which takes only 40 minutes for one-way trip. It takes only 30 minutes from Wenchang city to Haikou Meilan Airport. The geographical location is so good that people in their hometown are expected to get richer.

For cities in Central Hainan, K.K only wants to talk about fuel. due to geographical location and educational level, the development of cities in Central Hainan is slow. However, there are a lot of interesting Tropical Garden scenic spots in the central region. I hope Hainan will build an international tourist island and develop tourism in the Central Region quickly.


Back to Haikou, let's take a look at Haikou's longitudinal line:

Pic2: Map of Haikou Main City (Source: Google map)

The main traffic routes in the main city of Haikou are marked from 1 to 5:

1) Coastal Avenue: the coastal section of Haikou, east of the people's bridge west to holiday beach. Both sides of Binhai Avenue are high-end residential areas and commercial areas in Haikou, and they are Boulevard. Therefore, the landscape of driving on Binhai Avenue is very good, especially after Haikou port, the right hand side of the road is the blue ocean, and it feels good to speed up a little. If it is a convertible sports car, it will be wonderful. The west side of Binhai Avenue is long enough for you to run. Along the west side of Binhai Avenue, there are five-star hotels in Haikou, including Sheraton, and many upscale coastal villas.

2) Qiu Haida Road: Traffic Essentials

3) Nanhai Avenue: A transport road. Now, light rail lines in Hainan are being built along Nanhai Avenue. the light rail starts from Haikou south to Sanya in the north, through Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, and Lingshui. However, it is recommended that the Haikou sanitation department clean up Qiu haidao and Nanhai Avenue. Because the two roads are on the edge of the main city of Haikou, truck trucks can only pass through Haikou from here, therefore, noise and sprinkling are inevitable. We recommend that you do not stay on these two sides of the road for 24 hours.

4) longkun South-North Road: Haikou transportation hub.

5) haixiu East-zhong-xi road-haifu Road: Haikou transportation hub. Together with longkun South-North Road, the cross transportation hub of Haikou is formed, which is also the two most important transport routes in Haikou.


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(To be continued)

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