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Careful hao123 users, may find that hao123 a bit of change, especially for the preferences of friends, I personally prefer to set up their own often use of the site in hao123 above; today suddenly found their own personality settings did not, originally is the hao123 revision, launched a new function, can set hao123 name navigation for their own often on the site, this personalized settings greatly facilitate a lot of users. Do not have to use the collector to collect their own use of the site alone, the following combination of hao123 this revision to talk about the user experience:

First, before the revision of our favorite Web site needs personalized settings

As shown in the figure above, we need to set the URL that we often use, can only be set up to 8, and can only be useful on their own computers, use on other computers is useless, and replace the browser and reload our settings will fail. The following figure is the effect we set:

Second, hao123 after the revision can be free to edit their favorite Web site

The image above is the revised navigation chart, we can edit and add their favorite sites; I tested it myself, did not login Baidu account can be edited 3 URLs, and then edit more need to login Baidu account, and your account after the exit, you have more than 3 of the editor can not see, Need to login account to see more editors.

The above picture is I set after the display, very convenient, does not occupy the place, is much better than the original user experience, does not need to worry that does not have the setting; In fact this and Baidu newly introduced to add to the homepage almost, is for the better service user.

Third, from Baidu to see the importance of user experience

Website promotion from the beginning of the title and keyword optimization to do content and outside the chain, now want to do a stand bigger and better, competition is the user experience; there is no good user experience, even if the user is not long, because they have a lot of choices, like Web site navigation, not only hao123, there are many, Now is how to make users easy to use, how to improve, from Baidu's recent actions can be seen, is to combat the poor quality of content, to encourage high-quality Web sites.

So when we are promoting and optimizing a website, consider more than just search engine rankings, more should be considered is the user experience, such as we use false original, a complete article, pseudo original to their own do not know what the meaning, not to mention your readers, such a site want to have a good ranking are difficult, Because the others came straight out, leading to jump out, did not share, no online time is long, the rankings are not good where to go.

In fact, the most important thing is marketing, promotion is only means, no marketing to do is useless work, we should also consider in the promotion of conversion rate and volume!

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