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Today, I am very happy to share some of the lessons I learned when I was an account Assistant in the happy technology salon, and I have summarized seven practical skills.

Some of my friends may not be familiar with Windows Phone development today, but may be difficult to hear from me. I am sorry here. Anyway, accounthelper is a good hands-on program.

Knowledge points involved include:

1. Use mvvmlight framework 2. Use of featured controls in Windows Phone 3. Use SQL-CE database 4. Use live tile. You can pin accounthelper to the desktop. 5. Use the new API systemtray to try the application on Windows Phone. ProgramSlideshow advertisement 6. Tips for using contextmenu 7. How to edit an avatar in Windows Phone

8. ListBox skills


Below are some handouts






PPT download: http://vdisk.weibo.com/s/EQ7k

Open Source Project address: http://accounthelper.codeplex.com (you can use SVN to get the latestCode)



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