Hard Disk Installation Tool nt6 HDD installer cannot be detached

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Nt6 HDD installer is mainly intended for users who do not have an optical drive or a USB flash drive to install the system. Of course, if there is an optical drive, I will also choose to use nt6 HDD installer because it is really convenient,

Supports x86 and x64 systems. You can format a c disk to a pure system, or install a multi-system to install Windows 7 and Windows 8 on a CD-Rom.

There is a lot of experience on installing Win8 on the Internet, and it is also relatively simple. I will not go into details here. The following describes the problems encountered by many people when installing nt6. The correct method is: Run nt6 again and click Uninstall. However, some versions do not respond when you click Uninstall, And I have encountered such a problem. This may be a software bug. The solution is: Run nt6, click the window in the upper right corner to maximize, and then click Uninstall. OK. Once uninstalled, restart the computer, and the startup option is gone. If the preceding operations cannot be solved, you have to run the -- enter msconfig command -- press enter to go to the System Configuration Utility settings. You can delete the boot guide for nt6. Then, manually delete nt6.

Hard Disk Installation Tool nt6 HDD installer cannot be detached

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