Hard drive mode changes due to broken pins on HDD connector

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Failure: Friend machine XP system, suddenly start not up. Computer Configuration: MSI kt333+8233a, Sittie 80G), the phenomenon is always stuck in the splash screen and can not enter the operating system. Starting to think there might be a problem with the startup file, fix it. But not a few tries.

Analysis and processing: Think of the virus may be in mischief, anti-virus after the failure is still. After reloading the system, the startup speed is very slow and the hard drive light flashes wildly. In the system after the author measured the transmission rate of the hard drive, found only 4mb! per second The author thought of the transmission mode of the problem, open Device Manager, and sure enough the hard disk work in PIO mode, strange is that I manually adjusted the hard drive mode, restart the system found that the hard drive working mode is still PIO mode!

Here the basic problem has been found and the hard drive has lost support for the DMA mode of operation. And then go to the official website of the West Czech Republic to download a dedicated tool to change the working mode of the hard disk, but detected the hard drive at this time the default mode is DMA, and the use of the west Czech hard disk error-checking tool for a comprehensive inspection. Turns out everything's fine! Starting to feel the malfunction may be caused by the hardware. After careful inspection of the hard drive, finally found the problem, the hard disk IDE interface has broken a needle. The author hurriedly with Plum blossom mouth screwdriver screws, will Sittie hard disk outside the metal protection plate and sponge off, exposing the circuit board, from other places to find a jumper needle, fill to the place where the original less needle and weld well. The hard drive is then restored and the system is reset to solve the problem.

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