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Fast download with thunder, this is an indisputable fact. But there are some special sites that we may not need to download, such as email sites (which makes it easier to save attachments). Fortunately, we only have a little set, we can let Thunderbolt do "selective download", when not necessary to jump out of the download window.

First, with the CTRL key to cancel the temporary download

Start Thunderbolt 5.9, select the tools → configuration command, click the Monitoring Settings tab in the left pane, and then select the Do not monitor when CTRL + LEFT mouse button is open check box (Figure 1), click OK to save the configuration.

After that, in the corresponding Web page if you want to open a link, but do not want to use the Thunderbolt to download, as long as the CTRL key does not release, and then click the left mouse button can be.

Figure 1 Selecting Ctrl + left mouse button does not take over linked items

Self-setting does not take over the website

In addition, the Thunderbolt also allows us to set not to take over the site, in these sites when the operation, the Thunderbolt will not take over the download. What we're going to do is: Start the Thunderbolt 5.9, select the tools → configuration command, click the Monitoring Settings tab in the left pane, click the Set not monitored Web site button in the right pane, and then enter an address for not monitoring the site, and enter one URL per line, such as *.mail.qq.com ( As shown in Figure 2).

Figure 2 for some websites do not use thunder download

Third, selective settings capture file type

Thunderbolt 5.9 has the ability to monitor browsers and monitor clipboard links, but these are free to set.

1. Elimination of unnecessary items

Select the tools → configuration command, and click the Monitoring Settings tab on the left, where you can see items in the right pane, and some can be canceled, such as "Display the download icon on Flash and streaming" (Figure 3), This will not appear in the browser flash and streaming media on the corresponding download icon. Now the Internet is fast, and many videos can be viewed directly online.

Figure 3 Eliminating unnecessary items

2. Self-setting monitoring file type

In addition, the type of file being monitored in Thunderbolt 5.9 can also be set by itself. As shown in Figure 3, we can select the "Watch clipboard" checkbox, and then in the "Watch download type" text box below, make the necessary cuts to the monitored files, or you can add the type you want, with the. File type (that is, extension); For example, we can remove the. tar file because the type file is almost uncommon on the Windows platform.

The above set everyone can use the free combination, and this can also see the Thunderbolt is a responsible company, fully consider the experience of netizens, in the interests of a better balance.

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