[Hash] how to set up FTP connection in Webstorm/Phpstorm, and perform operations such as file comparison, upload and download, and synchronization quickly

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[Hash] how to set up FTP connection in Webstorm/Phpstorm, and perform file comparison, upload and download, synchronization, and other operations quickly. in addition to opening the localhost file directly, Phpstorm can also connect to FTP, in addition to normal data transfer tasks, you can also compare the similarities and differences between local files and server files. the same file automatically matches the object [hash] and how to set the connection to FTP in Webstorm/Phpstorm, and quick file comparison, upload and download, synchronization, and other operations
Phpstorm can not only directly open the localhost file, but also connect to FTP. in addition to completing normal data transmission tasks, it can also compare the similarities and differences between local files and server files, the same file automatically matches the directory for uploading and downloading. these functions are common IDE, rare in FTP software, and are very time-consuming. In other words, operations on ftp in Webstorm/Phpstorm can find the original version control feeling. The only drawback is: Upload. it takes a little time to open the download link. the suitable scenario is the editing of a single file. if the network speed is fast enough, it can be ignored. In addition, it is a personal experience, although the link speed is a little slow, the transmission speed is not slow.

1. settings: There are two entries for the settings,

A. Tools-> Deployment-> configruation

B. File-> Settings-> Deployment-> configruation

Click the plus sign in the upper left corner to add an FTP service connection and configure the FTP host, username, pwd, and other information. after the configuration, you can Test the FTP connection to Test whether the connection is successful. Click "Root path" at three points. if the directory on the FTP server is read, it will be fine. if the directory cannot be read, select "Passive mode" in the Advanced options below ). Then fill in the domain name information in the Web server root URL or the free third-level domain name provided by the space provider. In Mappings, select the ing directory as the local, publish, or web path.

2. Export:

Right-click the project file connected to ftp to find deployment. There are four options (this option can only be displayed after the connection is successful ):

1). upload...

2). Download from... pull from the server

3). Compare the local Version with the server Version.

4). Sync with Deployed to... you can also directly perform operations in addition to comparison. (the difference between 3 and 3 is that 3 can only be browsed and 4 can be operated ).

3. Display extended panel Tools> Deployment> configruation> Browse Remote host

After opening:

The purpose of opening a file is to facilitate the editing of the file. you can perform the following operations:

4. quick operations

A. You can add corresponding shortcut keys in keymap.

B. you can add frequently-used icons on the toolbar to facilitate operations. to prevent misoperations, we recommend that you have isolated icons between the icons. although misoperations can be found by using local history records, however, the work efficiency may decrease.

In addition to version control, a local history is provided to save me from the edge of life and death multiple times:

Right-click-> localhost history-> show history

Pub label is a name record of the current history

Additional reading:

Phpstorm configure local localhost path to open the http://hi.baidu.com/lhaix/item/8... qq-pf-to = pcqq. group

Finally, I would like to remind you that this function should be available online in the jerbrains series, such as intelij idea (javaer) and pycharm (pyer.

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AshampooSnap, GifCam2.0 Chinese green edition
Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1mgFge6W password: 2p86

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