Have a full understanding of Solaris network management tools (II)

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Article title: complete understanding of the Solaris network management tool (below ). Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems and open source, and other basic categories. the previous article "linux.chinaitlab.com/administer/754195.html" target = _ blank> Measure the test taker's knowledge about Solaris network management tools (I)This section describes Solaris's network management tools. The following describes the third-party network management tools that can be installed and their usage.

 1. use inetmenu to quickly modify IP addresses

For workstations, the network configuration needs to be changed frequently according to the environment, such as different internet access methods, different IP addresses, and different naming services (NIS or DNS. If you have such requirements, we recommend that you use the graphical interface tool inetmenu provided by OpenSolaris.

Http://www.opensolaris.org/ OS /community/laptop/inetmenu/ of inetmenu.

Download and install inetmenu as follows:

# Wget http://www.opensolaris.org/ OS /community/laptop/downloads/inetmenu-2.3.2.pkg.gz
# Gunzip inetmenu-2.3.2.pkg.gz
# Pkgadd-d./inetmenu-2.3.2.pkg

Inetmenu will be installed in the/usr/bin/directory. The usage method is to run the command #/usr/bin/inetmenu on The X-Window terminal. You can select the Internet access method and set the IP address, which is very convenient. After inetmenu is used, you do not need to modify multiple configuration files at the same time to modify the IP address, or set other information repeatedly without sys-unconfig. The entire process of getting an IP address from inetmenu for the Nic pcn0 is as follows:

  • First select the Nic interface
  • Select network interface IP type (static, DHCP) 1.


Select the nic ip type

  • Enter the nic ip address and subnet mask.
  • Click OK to complete the configuration.


Complete Nic configuration

Note: The Impact of inetmenu on network files. by default, after the computer is started, inetmenu will stop all Nic services, and/etc/nsswitch. conf will be set to files.

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