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"Husband, you are on the phone !" Male: Hello?
Female: Hello, you ...... ?
Male: Yes. Who are you?
Female: I am ......
Male: Oh, you! Do you want to contact me?
Female: Can you come out? I'm out of your house. "Go? Husband, I believe in you. FEMALE: tea! Male: Let's talk about things! It's so late. I don't feel relieved that my wife is at home alone, and she is afraid of hacking. FEMALE: I'm divorced! Male: Why! Doesn't your husband love you very much? Female: He's an asshole. He carried me on his back and screwed me up. Hey, hey, man: Well, don't be sad. You're still young. You have a better waiting for you ...... Female: Do you hate me? Male: Everything has passed. I treat you as a friend, so there is no hate or hate. Female: Really? Male: I lied to you, of course? Female: Do you still love me? Male :...... Love girl: Let's get married. I will be a good wife and a good mother. Male: I have a wife. I got a marriage certificate from her last week and I will get married in two months. Female: Are you not married yet? Male: No. She really loves me. I cannot hurt her. Female: Sorry, I'm sorry to say ...... Male: No. Female: Why? Male: I am a man, so no. Female: I want to know why you still love me, and I still love you. Why can't you join me? Male: You really want to know why? Female: Well. Male: 1: I know that falling in love with a person is not easy to know how painful it is to be hurt, so I cannot leave her.
2: I decided to get married because I decided that this generation chose her and she was the only woman in my life. No matter what we will say in the future, we will never betray her as the standard, no matter whether we will meet the wind or rain in the future, I will always stand at the top of the road to shelter her from the rain.
3: She loves me very much. She is silly and kind. She thinks about me everywhere no matter what she does. I came here after her persuasion. She believes that I will not be sorry for her. She decided to marry me, that is, to give her life to me.
A woman's life is not allowed to be trampled. "Understand ?" Female: understand ...... "There are two kinds of beauty in the world: Internal Beauty and external beauty. Beauty outside: It can satisfy your face, but it may give you a lifetime of happiness.
Inner Beauty: although it cannot give you enough face, it will certainly give you a life of happiness, a woman ...... Face important ...... Or happiness ......" Female: Can I be a friend? Male: No, I don't need any female friends other than my girlfriend! Female: Why? Reason male: first, there is no common language. You girls do not like what I usually play. Second, you cannot meet the requirements my girlfriend can give me, I don't have time to go shopping or eat with you. That's what my girlfriend does. Fourth, my girlfriend will be jealous. So why? What a man is most proud of is not how many women have slept, but how many women are willing to let him go to bed for a lifetime.
What women are most proud of is not how many men they own, but how many women they are willing to reject.

Men must be able to withstand the temptation
Women must be able to withstand loneliness

Every man's space should have this log. When his wife was a girl, she lived in her house. She didn't eat a grain of rice in her house since she was a child. If she didn't take a sip of water from her house, it was a "love" word, I left my child to pull my adult parents, entrust my half-life to me, marry me as my wife, take my parents as my parents, and take my siblings as my siblings, you said, we are not good to her, can we afford our own conscience? People mix the world with their conscience!

When a man is fond of eating, he just needs to take a big meal and feel uncomfortable. He has to go out for a stroll. Think about how difficult it is to have a pregnant wife in October. If the joy of being a mother is not to be held up as a spiritual pillar, no one will be able to endure it. It's hard to hold on to a single childbirth, big life for a small life, hope to have a mother and child safe, the child has to follow our surname. You said, we are not good to her. Can we afford what she has done for us? The hearts of the people are long!

Men and women are "sensitive", but men are sensitive to things. One thing is wrong, and the more they think about it afterwards, the more angry they are. Women are sensitive to conversations, and a sentence is wrong, the more you think about it, the more you feel uncomfortable and angry. Therefore, as a man, I bow to my knees and say, "Hey, I'm glad to make her happy.

There are many beautiful women in the world. When you get married, you have to worry about it, and never compare your wife with other women. Yan Chan is beautiful, but you also need to have lub's handsome appearance and superior martial arts. If not, isn't it just a sigh of hope or an empty search headache? Nothing can be compared. If you go to the streets with your wife, you will see a lady of the same age and shape as your wife wearing beautiful clothes, then you must do everything you can to encourage her to buy one. Afterwards, you will be pleasantly surprised.

People are living in different environments, different tutors, and different experiences. This creates different personalities and habits between people. By the time people get married, their personalities and habits have been formed. The old saying goes: Jiangshan is easy to change, and its nature is hard to change. After a man gets married, do not always think about trying to change his wife's shortcomings, shortcomings, and habits according to his own requirements and patterns. The smart way is to start from himself and change himself according to his wife's preferences, in this way, over time, she will feel that living with you is the best and most suitable for her, and she will regard you as the most trustworthy and reliable person, it's hard for her to be wrong with you.

Most modern women are working women. They work out for a day, especially in the special days of the month. Women are still more tired than us and must share housework together. It is a kind of mental fatigue because the housework is complex but not heavy. We usually say that this method is also applicable at home when we work together for men and women. The principle of doing housework and eating is the same: competing for deficiencies makes it easier.
Your wife hurts. If someone hurts your wife more than you in this world, you will not be in trouble. To call you a husband, you have to shoulder the responsibility of a man, like a big tree, so that your women and birds are cuddling.
Call you a husband, you should hurt her, pet her, after all, she gave up the whole heaven to follow you.
Call you a husband. You must be modest and obedient. Girls are passionate and sensitive, so you may be confused just to know how much you love her, at this time, you must understand obedience, modesty, and tolerance. Do not quarrel with her, or she will be really sad.
Call you a husband, you must use enough power when holding her, tightly ring her in your knot Not strong all want to show strong chest, when she sticks her face around your neck, kiss her forehead and cheek gently, but do not kiss her lips!
Call you a husband. When you get up every morning, you have to say, 'Let your husband kiss and worship '.
Call you a husband. When she washes your smelly clothes, she says, 'My wife has worked hard, Come and hug '.
When you call your husband, she will give you all her heart, you become her sky and world, except you, the rest are black and white, only you are colored.
Call you a husband. When she is crying, whether she wants to get angry, get wronged, or get hurt, you have to take her into consideration and let her cry, then she wiped the tears on her face and said, 'You don't need to cry. Do you know how ugly you are? Well, let's use your clothes to wipe your nose. '
Calling you a husband involves too many people. When two people are together, even more nicknames cannot match this simple "Husband wife '.
Call you a husband, sweet in your mouth, warm in your heart, endless sweetness will wrap your gentle heart.
Girls, let's turn it around and let more boys know this meaning. Boys also turn around and make you and those you love happy.

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