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As a webmaster, it is necessary for the webmaster to constantly study search engines and view the ranking of their websites all the time. I am a webmaster and have been in the webmaster industry for about four years.


As a webmaster, it is necessary for the webmaster to constantly study search engines and view the ranking of their websites all the time. I am a webmaster, and I have been mixing in the webmaster industry for almost four years. I have been relying on Baidu optimization for a long time, so I am very concerned about Baidu's every move.

Due to the recent algorithm upgrade of Baidu, many of my websites are inconsistent with the new algorithm mechanism, leading to a decline in rankings. Of course, there are also upgraded websites. I have also observed many websites in the same industry and made a comparison. I found that most of the websites that are currently on the rise are websites with relatively high keyword density and few titles.

For example, if you search for "sheet metal processing", you will see several websites on the Baidu homepage, where many "sheet metal processing" or the website title is very short.

Problems found by the Author

1. after a comparative analysis of many websites with short titles and websites with long titles, we found that there were some problems, such as the low density of short keywords in the website title and few external links, however, the ranking is very stable.

2. websites with long titles have a reasonable website architecture and a high user experience. The main keyword density is large, and there are many external links.

I guess the current search engine ranking rules are as follows:

1. the role of the website's external links is 5%

2. website Title 30%

3. website content quality 20%

4. website architecture 10%

5. install Baidu sharing 5%

6. 30% user experience

The above is my introduction to some ranking rules for the latest Baidu new algorithm upgrade. if there are any missing ranking methods, you are welcome to point to each other.




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