Header ("Location: index. php? G = admin ")

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Header (Location: index. php? The code for the admin. php file under the root directory is:
Header ("Location: index. php? G = admin ");
I am a newbie. I don't understand such a jump. where is this jump?

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Index. php

Index. php

The index. php code is as follows:
G = admin is the passed parameter, but this parameter is not used in index. php. if you do not know how to jump to the background

Not require ("./thinkphp/setup. php ");
How do you know that thinkphp/setup. php does not process the g = admin parameter?

Thinkphp is another harmful framework.

Thinkphp is another harmful framework.

Yes, but someone else needs to use this. it seems so dizzy to me!

To learn why the logic jumps to the background, you can only trace the code step by step. Now that the jump result is displayed, the parameter g = admin must have been processed. It may involve several files. be patient ..

The framework should have a unified portal, and all requests should be placed on index. php, which is very convenient for management.
However, for the convenience of users, place admin. php to the real background entrance.

To be honest, I don't like the thinkPHP framework, but I already understand this problem. close it!

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