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1. Mushroom Soup

2. bone soup

3. Green tea. Slowly, slowly drink, but also to produce the true meaning of life.

4. Red wine. A small amount of alcohol is healthy and persistent. Too large, too sticky, overheated, and extremely powerful, it is easy to cause the heart to stop broadcasting.

7. sesame seeds.

8. Beans.

9. A handful of vegetables and beans, one or two eggs.

10. MSG, quail egg, stinky tofu, instant noodles, sunflower seeds, spinach, pig liver, roast beef and mutton, pickles, and fritters are not commonly used

11. Drink soy milk more

12. Often eat carrots. Do not catch a cold when eating carrots. Maintenance.

13. Pumpkin.

14. Bitter gourd.

15. Tomatoes. Heat up tomatoes. Tomato and eggs. Tomato soup. Anti-reproductive system cancer.

16. Garlic. Garlic cannot be heated. Heating is useless. It must be sliced and exposed in the air for 15 minutes.

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