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One, Haier Hello WiFi router installation

Hello WiFi Router installation and connection is the same as the common router installation connection, if it is a cat with dial-up Internet, you need to connect the external network cable to the cat, and then the cat and the Hello WiFi router Wan port connection, and finally the router LAN port connected to the computer, Finally connect the cat and the router power supply, you can complete the installation, as shown in the following figure.

If it is a fiber optic network, without a cat, plug the External network cable directly into the WAN port of the Hello WiFi router, and then connect the router LAN port to the computer.

  Second, the Haier Hello WiFi router setup tutorial

You can set up the Haier Hello WiFi router when it is installed and connected to the power supply. Haier Hello WiFi router with minimalist design, only two steps to complete the router setup, the following is the specific method.

Connect the interface of the computer card with the LAN port of the Haier Hello WiFi router, then turn on the browser in the computer and enter the default login address of the Haier Hello WiFi router: , after typing, press ENTER to open, You can open the router Setup interface as shown in the following illustration.

Haier Hello WiFi router setup is very simple, open the above set address, directly choose the Internet and set the password two steps to complete the network, small white users can also complete their own settings. The image of the small and medium-sized series using static IP for Internet operation, home users generally use broadband dial-up for networking, input operators to provide the account password.

There is a "Hello WiFi authentication" at the bottom of the Haier Hello WiFi router setting, and the "Close Non-contact authentication without password" option is available to enable the nearby device to connect to WiFi without having to enter a password. For example, it is convenient to connect the Internet with a smart phone near a router.

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