Help us, we are ready to go online at the end of the year!

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As a web designer, want to ensure the design level of the premise to complete the customer's "end of the line" wish, you can think of the only way is ... Decadent's overtime! This is a very painful ordeal for the designer, but for the upcoming holiday can be comfortable to spend, many designers will try to meet the customer's time requirements.

Although the customer subjectively shorten the design time, but their requirements on the Web page will not be reduced to a penny, in a short period of time to design a customer acceptance of the design, you may need some tips! Anyforweb at the end of the year special presentation of the Web design emergency small method, hope to be able to save the designer from the aquatic hot.

 1. Enhance the level of the page with geometric elements

The role of a simple geometric element in Web design can definitely surprise you, especially when dealing with minimalist websites. Design, is nothing but the continuous combination of points, lines and faces, and the integration of three-dimensional geometry is such a sublimation of the process.

  2. Look at the world in the Web from a different perspective

Uniform element typesetting will inevitably make the page seems a bit dull and formal, but the same picture as long as a little angle fine-tuning, the effect will be very different, the entire Web page has become playful smart. If the visual feel a little awkward, as a reference to the case method, add the appropriate filter effect, so that the screen more natural.

  3. True and False Web page effect

Real picture and the use of virtual things can be very effective to improve the level of the Web page, but the use of the limitations are relatively large, the overall style of the Web page is easily closed in a small area. and "mixed" design may bring unique results, not only to make the Web page more humane, but also let customers feel the intention of the designer.

  4. The golden ratio of omnipotence

The gold ratio will make everyone's web design become uniform, the layout of the way can be a large extent to reflect the standard of a designer. But when your design time is very tight, the almighty gold ratio can quickly help you, designers can do some small innovation on this basis. The following case, the designer uses the portrait as the page demarcation, not only achieves the gold the visual effect, but also lets the boundary expression form to be more natural and smooth.

  5. Display visual impact with color

The most direct visual impact must be brought about by color. The use of color is the eternal topic of design, but in times of emergency, designers must not be willing to spend a long time in the color selection, when the use of contrasting color is the most appropriate choice. The main point of contrast color in web design is not only to focus on visual beauty, but also to pay attention to the user experience.

 6. Let the big picture background "decision" page style

Perhaps some web designers will feel that the use of large high-definition graphics as a Web page background for customers is a "lazy" behavior, it is not. This design method is a test of the ability of designers, need designers in advance before the design of a very complete blueprint, rather than let the picture "decision" style, rather than think it is the style "decision" picture. And the reason for this method is also included in emergency skills, mainly because the design of a strong plasticity, if there is a change of opinion, the steps will be relatively simple.

 7. Streamlined writing is not a lazy act

Human beings are visual animals and subconsciously are more willing to accept simple things. According to this theory, the lengthy text plate should be avoided in the web design, the following case is a good proof of this. A simple word can create a curiosity about the content that follows.

 8. The rhythm line takes you to ascend to take you to fly

Do not believe that a line will be able to subvert the entire Web page visual feeling! Because the function is so wonderful, so we are affectionately called "Prosodic Line". Imagine that if a page in a case lacks the shaded part of a prosodic line, the page becomes more common, but now it's full of design.

  9. The Metro wind that has to be loved

Metro wind with the release of the Win8 interface has become increasingly popular, and even a lot of foreign E-commerce site design has joined the Metro camp, the following case from a South Korean electric business organization. If you feel that Metro style design is too compact, grid layout can be used for reference. But based on the introduction of emergency techniques, Metro can be designed faster.

"Help us, we are ready to go online at the end of the year!"

This is the end of the day before the most designers headache urged.

With this article, I hope to ease the web designer's "migraine".

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