High Availability of MariaDB dual-master N slave replication-Implementation of MMM Architecture

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High Availability of MariaDB dual-master N slave replication-Implementation of MMM Architecture

1. MMM Overview
MMM (Master-Master replication manager for Mysql) is a flexible script program for monitoring and failover, manage the configuration of mysql Master-Master replication (only one node can be written at a time ). The attached tool suite can achieve read Load Balancing for multiple slaves. Therefore, you can use this tool to remove the virtual IP addresses of servers with high replication latency from a group of servers. It can also back up data, synchronization between two nodes.
The main features of MMM are implemented using the following three scripts:
Monitors the process, monitors all tasks, and determines and processes activities of all node roles.
The proxy process running on each mysql Server completes monitoring probe work and executes simple remote service settings.
A simple script that provides commands for managing the mmm_mond Process

Ii. experiment environment Introduction
The most basic MMM installation requires at least two database servers and one monitoring server. The following MySQL Cluster environment must contain three database servers and one monitoring server.
The experiment architecture is as follows:

Host planning table

Virtual VIP planning table:

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