High-level Color picker-pick under Linux

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Guide While most designers are using Macs, a few are using Windows or even Linux systems. There are very rich color picker tools or plug-ins available in both Mac and Windows, but these are rare in the open source world. If you're looking for a quick, easy-to-find gadget from the screen, "Pick color" from thePick , it will definitely be the first choice I recommend to you.

Pick is small, compact, and fully open source, it can easily enlarge any part of the screen, help us quickly pick up accurate pixels, and copy color value information to the Clipboard or anywhere else. The time to pick the color will intercept the source of the color on the left side of the Pick interface, help the user to distinguish the color source, and display the color blocks on the right, and name the colors (such as Plum, light Blue, and so on).

As you should have seen, Pick supports output samples from a variety of applications, including Hex, CSS RGBA, and QML Qt.rgba, which are ideal for web, mobile, or desktop application development and cover almost every format color value required by everyday users.

The "copy" Quick Copy button on the right allows you to quickly copy your selected color values to the Clipboard, text editor, SDK, or other graphics app.

Right-clicking Unity Launcher can also help us quickly pick up colors.

Although Pick is not the first of its kind in Linux, it focuses only on the specific function of color sampling, compared to other complex software, and is more precise, compact, and practical than other tools.

Pick Use tips:
    1. Magnifier size can be adjusted with the mouse wheel
    2. Use "red box" in Magnifier to capture color accurately
    3. Preview pixel RGB values directly
installing pick in Ubuntu

Pick supports the installation of the DEB file directly in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 15.10 and 16.04 Lts, as well as any Ubuntu-based release, such as Elementary OS, Linux Mint.

High-level Color picker-pick under Linux

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