High performance, integrated security, full virtualization: MSG product Architecture Analysis, msg Architecture

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High performance, integrated security, full virtualization: MSG product Architecture Analysis, msg Architecture

As early as 2013, when traditional ADC devices were still using Intel embedded basic CPU platform, as an excellent professional application delivery vendor in China, Taiyi Xingchen has completed the Intel Product Sequence laying: lingdong-> core-> Xeon, with Intel's continuous optimization of processor functions, the entire network communication equipment industry has benefited a lot.

Everything, starting with High Performance

In order to control the latest multi-core processors, the Tianyi morning R & D team has invested a lot of resources to continuously optimize the software platform over more than a year and overcome several industry difficulties, and handed over a beautiful optimization Transcript:

1) adopts the shunt architecture to solve the problem of concurrent multi-CPU access under multi-core architecture

High-performance shunt Architecture

2) high-performance 4/7-layer protocol stack with layer-4 Performance and flexibility

High-performance Layer-4 protocol stack

3) the dual-CPU memory node of the EP platform is optimized to solve the linearity problem caused by the double-CPU architecture and bus allocation, which makes the industry a "headache ".

EP dual-CPU platform memory node Optimization

For R & D personnel with ideal products, the increasing improvement in product performance is a smile in their dreams. However, when Intel does not have a more mature solution on a single box-type platform, it is always difficult to achieve a qualitative leap at the top of the one-star morning ADC product sequence.

What is the basis? From the distributed platform to the Multi-Service Gateway!

"God closes a door and opens another window for you ."

The relentless pursuit of high performance of products inspired Taiyi's technical team to focus on the Distributed Platform and successfully launched the distributed Hardware System in 2014.

So what is the distributed hardware system of Taiyi Xingchen?

Tianyi Xingchen uses a single computing platform (dual-channel Xeon platform) with the highest computing capability in the industry to form a business processing dashboard. It uses a high-capacity hardware exchange network to rationally allocate traffic to multiple business processing dashboard, this achieves linear superposition of computing and processing performance.

V series product hardware architecture

The principle looks simple, isn't it?

In fact, due to the large switching capacity and high computing density, the system logic is still quite complex, which also makes too many technicians suffer from the convergence of the entire system's problems.


Distributed Platform logic architecture

Although the exchange capacity of the TB distributed hardware system product and the service throughput of GB are enough to stay at the peak of application delivery technology for a long time, since such a large-capacity intel-based hardware system has been successfully commercialized, Tianyi's technology fans have begun to make a small explosion: since they are both Intel hardware platforms and outside the ADC field, why can't we gather partners to provide users with richer services?

The emergence of multi-service Integrated Gateway (MSG!

T-Force ADC-> T-Force MSG

The multi-service Integrated Gateway (MSG) has changed from parallel processing of a single service to organic connection of multiple services in the V series.

In this implementation process, the key problems to be solved are:

1) unified management

2) Traffic Definition

Unified management

Because the V series itself comes with a management and exchange network, it is imperative to implement the unified management function on this hardware product. On the user interface, the main control centrally manages and controls information, allowing you to easily organize and display web interfaces of multiple business boards.

Traffic Definition

The most important thing is to solve the problem of "from the table to the inside.

Table, that is, an affinity configuration interface, uses a configuration method similar to the security policy, so that the flow definition conforms to the user's usage habits of the firewall;

, That is, the implementation of the stream definition, as long as the vlan is directly interconnected, it can be easily implemented.

Virtualization-advanced technology! MSG!

With the above Integrated Gateway solution, the R & D team of Taiyi Xingchen is thinking: "In some user scenarios, high-performance business dashboard may be a waste for users' businesses, can we further provide users with a lower-cost multi-business system solution based on virtualization technology?"

This requires running multiple business systems on one BPU. The BPU system is a collection of multi-core computing resources and multi-channel IO resources. by assigning these resources to multiple VMS, these VMS can enjoy the performance advantages of hardware switching, it also realizes the superposition of extremely small workload from the business management perspective.

The ideal R & D team of Taiyi Xingchen believes that the Taiyi Xingchen multi-business platform (MSG) based on Virtualization Technology and V series distributed high-speed hardware system is more in line with cloud computing, it will surely break the limitations of traditional manufacturers and bring new technical experience to users.

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