How a computer uses a fixed IP address

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Basic knowledge of IP address

The IP address we are talking about is assigning a 32bit address to each computer that accesses each other's network, and this address is not duplicated in the Internet and is unique.

This IP address is generally more for the local broadband server to give you the allocation of use, the specific IP address, how to use their own things.

ADSL dial the Internet computer is unable to allocate its own fixed IP (extranet).

Local Area network users can be set directly into fixed IP (intranet).

Some netizens say why some people can be set to fixed IP? The author needs to explain here because the fixed IP is purchased directly from the broadband provider by the company or unit, and the purchase has a lifetime.

What is intranet,

Through the router, such as the Dial software, connect to the broadband provider, and then into the router more computer use, at this time we can set up a set of their own computer can be a fixed IP directly, this fixed IP, only in the LAN access.

This article here is simply to say how XP sets an IP address.

What is the extranet

Extranet, is that we pass the router or ADSL type of dialing software to dial the Internet, the broadband server will be assigned a dynamic IP address to us, this dynamic IP address we can understand is a certificate of the extranet, but also a voucher to the Internet, The Internet Information we are looking at is the information of the extranet.

How do I set a fixed IP?

1th Step: Single hit Open XP or Server2003 System Start menu, and in the Start menu to find and open the Control Panel, and in the open Control Panel to find and double-click "Network Connections" this item.

Note: Right-click on the "Network Neighborhood" icon on the desktop to select Properties is the same as you can open the network connection, the effect is exactly the same.

2nd step: In the Open Network Connections window, locate the Local Area Connection item, right-click on the local connection, and select Properties.

Note: If the IP address of the wireless Internet is modified, then right-click the property directly on the wireless network connection.

Step 3rd: In the open Local Area Connection Properties window, in the General tab, locate the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item as shown in the following figure and double-click it.

4th step: In the Open Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window, click to select the use the following IP address (S) radio button, and then enter the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS that you want to set up, and then confirm that the local connection properties back to step 3rd are determined again.

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