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7 Daicouri belongs to the last step in the 14nm process, some say it is the ultimate complete body of 14nm, some people say is the era of squeezing toothpaste products, everyone is directed at a taste of stealing to rob the new processor, the performance of the new processor to be released after it to continue to maintain attention? So we also in the almighty Taobao on the start of a 7 Daicouri i5-7600k, the following evaluation will be detailed for you to reveal.

What do you need to be aware of when you start stealing new CPUs now?

The ① motherboard bios,7 Daicouri, while using the 6 generation LGA 1151 interface, is backward-compatible with the 100-series motherboard, but you must first brush on the latest BIOS to gain support for the new CPU. Now the official release of the new CPU time is very close, major motherboard manufacturers are prepared to announce their own products have been ready to meet the new CPU motherboard, MSI is the first to announce that the new BIOS has been released to support the new CPU motherboard manufacturers.

However, China's MSI official online 100 series of bios or stay in the old version, to find a new BIOS will have to go to Taiwan's official website to find. So want to taste the new CPU players must keep a mind, first look for a new BIOS to ensure that the support is good to start, or buy back on the machine that is embarrassing.

The current mainstream motherboard manufacturers, such as Asus, Hua Yin, MSI, and so on have to support the new CPU BIOS release, and small series also through the foreign explosion to know Gigabyte has also been ready to meet the new CPU preparation.

② price! At present, there are 7 Daicouri on TB sold to this one, the single city business! Here I do not help it to advertise, the reason is very simple! I bought something it did not give me a discount, and the bulk of the sale to me than the boxed price is still expensive, well, this is the price of taste, this is the monopoly of the market.

If you buy a new CPU is not to give their own advertising, improve visibility, but honest for their own words, sincerely do not suggest that you now buy the ES version of the CPU, routine add: tyrants except.

Ps:intel are you going to spend millions of to 7 Daicouri next year January 5? I don't think so, the terabytes of businesses have already posted it for you.

What optimizations do 7 Daicouri (Kaby Lake) bring?

Stolen out of this batch of 7 Daicouri exclusively are ES edition, through the Cpu-z view of nature on the clear, although there is an ES version of the brand, but has an unlimited official version, the performance is no difference, combined with the previous exposure of the information, we can spy to 7 Daicouri desktop version of what is updated.

Although the process is still 14nm, but according to the official saying is the third generation of 14nm process technology, and called it 14nm+, that is, in the original based on more in-depth optimization, strengthen the fin, transistor channel strain, purportedly can bring 12% of energy consumption than ascension, This means that the same power consumption is better than the skylake performance, or the same performance under the power consumption can be lower, there are some small upgrades.

Optimization is the most obvious is the frequency, this time to remind us of 2 years ago has been the Devil Canyon series, such as a large high-frequency killing device, with this generation of core i5-7600k compared to the previous generation of Core i5 6600K as an example, the basic frequency Heripin have a greater increase, The single core is the most Gao to 4.2GHz, and the Quad core is able to Shirei to 4.0GHz.

Display the core code "upgrade" HD 630, although with the current gpu-z 1.12.0 version can not see the specific parameters, however, 7 Daicouri and 6 generations are continuing to use Gen 9, the desktop version of the GT2 level, so do not expect too much of this generation's nuclear display. If you want to make progress, perhaps the notebook mobile domain specifically for the 4K video playback has been improved to increase the h.265 main.10, VP9 8/10-bit format hardware decoding and coding, significantly reduce the 4K video playback power.

Analysis of main performance parameters of core i5-7600k

By contrast, it is not difficult to find that the largest core i5-7600k is TDP to maintain the same situation frequency is higher, the other specifications basically remain unchanged, nuclear contrast first generation 14nm also regressed, no way, who let the first generation belong to the strongest and most special generation. The small disappointment is that the memory frequency support is maintained in the conservative ddr4-2133 frequency, which is out of the market with the main push of high-frequency memory out of tune.

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