How Ajax technology saves application bandwidth: Multiple interactions, little updates at a time

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Using javascript:void (0); >ajax to improve the bandwidth performance of WEB applications This article is a very quantified description of javascript:void (0); How >ajax technology saves bandwidth for applications. I compared the screenshot of the 2 tests in the article with a drawing combination: This looks more obvious.

Here are a few basic results:
1 applications containing Ajax first download is larger than the General page Refresh method: Usage Analyser ajax Version Size 12387, the original size of 9741 bytes
2 javascript:void (0); >ajax applied in the following interactions: Refreshing only part of the data needed to update 2-3k while the traditional whole-page refresh mode requires a full-page Overload: 10k or so
3 The more interaction times, javascript:void (0); The bandwidth saving effect of >ajax application is more obvious;
4 Full page refresh mode although need to reload pictures, etc.: But because the client was notified to use locally cached pictures and JS, etc.: So there is no re generating traffic,

In the test of this condition: the AJAX technology total saved more than 61%. Far more than expected 50% and as the number of interactions increases, the savings rate is higher.

Javascript:void (0); " >ajax technology is a proportional conversion formula that saves bandwidth on a page-brushing basis:
(Interaction times (Brush page interaction Flow-javascript:void (0); " >ajax interaction)-(javascript:void (0); " >ajax version first added)/(Brush page * Interaction number + First load page size)

Che Dong published in January 25, 2006


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