How are music types differentiated? What is rock? Should rock be a kind of popular music?

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Music type

R & B

The full name of R & B is Rhythm & Blues ". In a broad sense, R & B can be regarded as "black pop music". It is based on black Blues music and is the basis of popular music and rock music in westbound, according to Billboard, R & B can be listed as R & B in addition to Jazz and Blues. In recent years, the popular hip-hop and Rap circles of black music circles all originate from R & B, and many R & B components are stored at the same time.


HOUSE was a dance music developed along DISCO in 1980s. This is the music played by the DJ in Chicago. They mixed the rhythm of a German electronic orchestra Kraftwerk and a Drum Machine and mixed the black blues into a House ~ It is generally translated as "hao room" dance music. It is the most basic type of electronic dance music. It features a rhythm of 4/4 beats, a drum, a simple melody, and a high-pitched female singing. after DISCO became popular, some DJ changed it, and they were eager to make DISCO less commercialized. BASS and drums became more deep, and many became pure music works, even some singing parts are mostly short sentences sung by dancing female singers, often without explicit lyrics. Gradually, some people joined the LATIN (LATIN), REGGAE (regeyuan in the West India), RAP (RAP) or JAZZ (JAZZ) and other elements. By the end of 1980s, the HOUSE rushed out of the ground, he has become the favorite of Chicago, New York and London rankings.

Why is it "House? That is to say, as long as you have simple recording equipment, you can make such music at home ~ House is also the easiest option for e-music.

The Believe sung by Cher is a good example. M-People can say that House represents a group. After the popular House dance music began in 1986, it can be said that it replaced Disco music.

House can be divided:

Acid House is the House music that integrates TB-303 Acid sound.

Deep House has a strong singing spirit, also known as Garage, which is quite popular. For example, Real Mecoy, M-People, and La Bouche are all Garage groups.

Hard House, in simple terms, is a heavy-tempo, fierce House.

Houses like Progressive House do not have the soul to sing. Instead, they focus more on music and music arrangement. It's a bit like "playing" House music. It's like SASH! Album It ''' My Life is a very good Progressive House album.

Epic House is an "Epic" House. Epic House with beautiful, smooth melody and magnificent momentum, and few vocal in it (almost none !). BT's music is a great Epic House, which is also called "Epic House Emperor". In fact, even Rock also has "Epic Rock"

Trible House imagine: What is a House with an original African style or an Indian drum? This is Trible House ~ In addition to the stable pace of the general House, this kind of House will add some original styles and fragments between each shot. This kind of House is quite interesting ~ However, the scope of House is too wide, and you don't have to classify a piece of music. These are just to tell everyone that there are many types of House.

By 1990s, HOUSE had reduced the avant-garde and trendy colors, but it was still very popular music.


Although British Pop has a word "Pop", it is actually a Rock type. It was originated in the 1990s S and can be translated as "British Rock". This is a response of British music to the Grunge tide in the United States, it mainly appears in band form. However, the British Pop style is actually very extensive. For example, Oasis is a rock band, Blur is a lot of Pop, while Pulp is close to Glam Rook and dancing style, but they are all listed as British Pop.

UK Britpop representatives: Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp, Radiohead


Trip-Hop is a British/European dance music. Its name is "Trip + Hip-Hop = Trip-Hop" because it originated from Bristol in the UK, therefore, it was first called "Bristol Hip-Hop ". Because I put the hip-hop (in fact, many of the music is structured on the Hip Hop ...... I don't know what it is. I want to see people who dance street dance. Most of them use Hip-Hop music .) Slow pace (sometimes very slow) adds some phantom taste, such as gloomy, heavy Bass, slight but Phantom synthetic sound effects, or some recording sampling, sometimes the music may be intentionally sampled. The so-called "Trip" refers to the drug "Journey", which is a phantom. Therefore, trip-Hop is a kind of slow-paced Break beat music with a certain Hip-Hop rhythm. Although it belongs to dancing music, Its Phantom and confusion have made it dance all the clear beats of General dancing music.

Representatives of foreign Trip-Hop: The accepted iron triangle ortishead, Tricky, Massive Attack, Mandalay Moloko, Coldcut

Gangsta Rap

Gangsta Rap is a type of Rap. Its content is mostly related to urban crimes. It is full of violence and lust. This is a music path that reflects the reality. Gangsta Rap emerged in the United States in the late 1980s S. The strong and acute School of Music Rap is very popular in the United States and has a high sales volume. Many Gangsta Rap musicians are actually "involved" in various types of crimes, and some of them are even imprisoned and even dead, which can be said to reflect the reality and be shocking.

Gangsta Rap table combination: Ice-T, Ice Cube, Dr. Len, Snoop Doggy Dogg, 2 Pac, Geto Boys

Synth Pop

In Synth Pop, "Synth" is Synthesizer. as its name implies, Synth Pop is "the Pop music produced by Sythesizrs". Of course, in addition to Synthesizers, other electronic instruments such as computers and drums will also be used. Synth Pop became popular in the early 1980s S and began to become quiet in the middle of 1980s S. It also set off a boom in Hong Kong. Synth Pop is characterized by a strong sense of technology and sometimes quite cold. Most of the songs are "three-minute Pop" (3-minutes Pop). Many Synth Pop musicians will dress up as they enter.

Synth Pop: Depeche Mode, Human leleague, Duran, OMD, Gary Numan


ORCHESTRA is an ORCHESTRA, which is divided into four parts: 1 string, including Violin, cello, 2 bronze tube, 3 wood tube, and 4 percussion. Each type of instrument in the string group is played by multiple people (except for the harps). Four performers are co-organized and led by one person, who is the conductor of the orchestra. ORCHESTRA emerged in the 17th century, and by the 18th century it was clearly established due to the works of Haydon and Mozart. Some new instruments were added in the 19th century, and the number of orchestrations increased. ORCHESTRA is an authentic Western classical/Orthodox Music. Some or all of ORCHESTRA's members are often used to assist in performances in western fashion/rock music.


Chamber pop is a kind of elegance, elegance, and elegance. It has a certain sense of classical music. The term chamber music is classical MUSIC. The Chinese name is "chamber music". It is a group string playing style with an elegant atmosphere. The rise of chamber pop in 1990s was a reaction to the LO-FI and GRUNGE at that time, emphasizing beautiful melody, exquisite music, clean recording, every use of strings and music makes music in the baroque age.

Foreign representatives include the divine comedy, RIALTO, ERIC donews and BALLE & SEBASTIAN, while Hong Kong has Huang Yaoming, Peng Ling, and MULTIPLEX.


FOLK Songs (FOLK) originally refer to the traditional songs of every nation. The ancestors of every nation have their own original or existing songs. Most of these songs do not know who is the author, in other words, the spread of the past generation has passed down to the present. However, most of the FOLK songs we talk about today refer to the FOLK of the popular age. They refer to singing in a natural and frank manner by means of a wooden instrument, sing songs that make everyone feel simple. American FOLK singer woody guthrie's recording in 1950s can be said to be the earliest FOLK song recording, so it is widely recognized as the ancestor of modern FOLK songs (FOLK. Later, pete seeger and the weavers continued to push this kind of music. during THE Vietnam War in 1960s, anti-war folk singers such as bob dylan, joan baez, PETER, paul and mary became THE voices of THE times. Bob dylan invented FOLKROCK and SIMON & GARFUNKEL to develop the middle-class urban folk pop. In 1980s, suzanne vega and TRACYCHAPMAN walked out of the urban folk (city)/CONTEMPORARY (CONTEMPORARY) FOLK route that gave a richer sense of the current city. FOLK Songs (FOLK) have also developed different forms in the English, Hong Kong and other music circles. In recent years, FOLK songs (FOLK) have been developed by integrating with new age (such as ENYA) and trip hop (such as beth orton ).


Bossa nova is a Brazilian music with the taste of JAZZ. In 1950, the song antonio carlos jobim mixed the Brazilian music rhythm with cool jazz on the west coast of the United States, gentle, comfortable, relaxed, lazy, and romantic. The 1st, 4, 7, 11, and 14 bits of each two bars are replayed. The singer joao gilberto's pure singing voice is a great partner of JOBIM music. It was very popular in the US in the middle of 1950s. Other famous bossa nova musicians include charlie byrd, stan getz and astrud gilberto, THE most famous song is the girlfrom ipanema ". Ossa nova was the most popular in the 1960s S, and has been gaining popularity in other years.


Classical pop is a popular song with a classic music taste. All songs that use string accompaniment can be included in this category. For example, the beatles's "ELEANORRIGBY" is. Some works of the Australian band crowded house can also be included in this category. Classic pop refers to a classic pop.


ACAPPELLA refers to a song without an instrument accompaniment, but all the songs that are purely sung by people are ACAPPELLA. But today we say ACAPPELLA usually refers to a singing method that has multiple and singing levels, even the accompaniment of an instrument is sung by people. The opposite of ACAPPELLA is INSTRUMENTAL, which is pure music. Any type of song can be sung in the form of ACAPPELLA. The most familiar ACAPPELLA song IN Hong Kong is "so much in love", and the Hong Kong ACAPPELLA band includes Ji shengyashi.

World music?

World music is a term used in western opinion. It refers to MUSIC of Non-English, American, and Western folk songs/popular songs. It usually refers to traditional MUSIC in developing areas or backward areas, for example, music in Africa and South Asia, and music in some regions, such as Latin America, can be popularized in its own type. Today, world music is a traditional regional MUSIC that is mixed with Western MUSIC. King sunny ade in Africa, don byron in Eastern Europe, Zhu zheqin in China, and nusrat fatehali kahn in Pakistan are familiar world music musicians.


DREAM-POP is a DREAM-like POP. It has a great atmosphere, caused by many * SYNTHESIZERS (Electronic synthesizer). It is also an important component when ECHO effect is added, the singing part is often very "BREATHY", that is, the breath is heavy, and the lyrics often have a dreamy poetic color.

Representative bands include cocteau wins, lisa germano, ST. ETIENNE, this mortal coil, my bloody valentine, mazzy star, and dead can dance.

Chinese singer headed by Faye Wong, masterpiece "lost", "DI-DA" and so on.


New age is a kind of quiet, comfortable, and idle music. Pure music accounts for a large proportion of the work, with fewer singing. New age can be purely ACOUSTIC (that is, playing with a traditional spontaneous ACOUSTIC instrument), or it can be very electronic, with a focus on creating a natural calm atmosphere or the feeling of the universe is vast, it is refreshing to cleanse the listener's mind. Many new age versions are related to music therapy. Many new age music products say they can cure diseases, and many of them are related to meditation. This is closely related to the philosophy of new age thoughts. New age music is usually aimed at middle-class music. windham hill is the most representative new age recording company. new age represents ENYA, george winston, william ackerman, YANNI, KITARO and so on.

Electrophonic Music

What is Electrophonic Music )? With the evolution of the times, musicians have more ways to make music. Electronic music is produced by electronic sound produced by electronic synthesizer, music software, and computers. Electronic music is widely used and is often heard around us. It is useful in music, advertisement music, and even some popular Mandarin songs. However, electronic dance music is the most popular. Many people think that e-music is a cold music with no feelings. In fact, e-music can also be integrated into Rock, Jazz, and even Blues and is emotional.

The types of electronic music are also diverse, including House, Techno, Ambient, Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Breakbeat, Brit-Hop, Big-Beat, Trip-Hop, Drum '''n' '''bass, Jungle, electro, Dub, Chill Out, Minimalism.


Technology, that is, "high-tech dance music! Using computers and synthesizer synthesis to make some special sound effects, this music is often combined by many sound effects. Techno's beat is also 4/4 beats, but the speed is faster than House, and it sounds repetitive, tough, and mechanized. So some people call Techno "industrial noise ", however, some will pay attention to the melody. Techno originated in Detroit, United States, with three DJ: Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson Juan Atkins tried to combine electronic music with black music, and produced Detroit Techno. Detroit Techno is usually gentle. It is not as powerful as ordinary Techno, but it is the origin of modern Techno.


It sounds like ups and downs, but in fact it has been making changes, such as sound effects for a long time or progressive music arrangement. It often creates a layered sense of space, so it is called "situational music ", we often take samples of the sounds around our lives, such as the voice of people, cars, and even the melody of other music ...... And so on. It was created by Brian Eno in 1970s and is a very "advanced" electronic music. Later, Ambient also had branches, such as Ambient House, Ambient Techno ...... And so on. I believe you can understand it literally. In fact, there are Ambient shadows in many kinds of music, and even some classical music also have Ambient tastes.


The phantom dance music evolved from Techno. It will make you feel "out of God", but it still keeps the rhythm of the dance music and pays great attention to the performance of Bass, some of them will be "hypnotized. The number of beats is also 4/4. However, I have also heard of Breakbeat (which will be introduced below), such as the Sven Vath album Fusion.

Psychedelic Trance

Also known as Goa Trance, originated from a small island in India. Goa is the name of the island. The melody is often Indian. This kind of Trance is a feature that attaches great importance to the melody, the subtle changes between the notes, and there are often overlapping melody, and the high-pitched TB-303 sound. A little Ambient taste.

Break beat

Unlike House's shoot Boom-Boom, it is represented by broken beats, such as split beats. For example, adding a small broken drum in two beats, etc., Breakbeat is just a general term, and many kinds of music belong to Breakbeat, for example, Brit-Hop, Big-Beat, and black Hip-Hop are the following types.


Increase The speed of The black Hip-Hop, and combine it with a little electric guitar and Bass to have a rock-and-roll effect, such as The music of The Chemical Brothers.


"Big beat" makes Brit-Hop faster, heavier, and more rock-and-roll. It can be said that after Brit-Hop is improved, it is more mature, you can imagine what a heavy, broken, and fast cycle looks like. For example, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, and Fat Boy Slim are The "Big Horn" of Big Beat ".

Drum n''' Bass

For some people, the music of the Drum n'''' Bass may be annoying, because the Drum n'''' Bass is very focused on playing tricks on the rhythm, as well as the performance of the Bass, it's like a very fast, complex broken beat, using a variety of electronic drums, or a sample of drum sound. Therefore, Drum n''' Bass is also a type of Breakbeat. 4Hero is a famous orchestra of Drum n''' Bass.


Jungle is the predecessor of Drum n''' Bass. Jungle is much faster than Drum n'''' Bass, and the beat is more complex and powerful. Sometimes it works with some Rap, unlike Drum n'''', which integrates some elements such as Jazz and Soul, it sounds more soft (of course it is compared with Jungle ). Even "Rock chameleon" David Bowie is playing Jungle now.


As early as the end of 1970s and the beginning of 1980s, there was no House, Techno ...... This kind of things, electronic music is also less prevalent, only such electronic music as Momo. Maximo can be said to be purely electronic Synthesizer (Synthesizer, looks a bit like a Keyboard) to sound music, usually very gentle, and often use Roland's Drum Machine (Drum Machine) TR-808 to Drum sound. The German Kraftwerk orchestra is representative. Currently, yuno sounds brighter and more transparent than before. Later, some DJ transformed into a Hip-Hop music, known as the Old School. The current Fatboy Slim also integrates some sort o and Old School in music.


Dub can be said to extract the song from only the remaining music Reggae (RegEx, also known as the thunder ghost, a very beat, singing especially South American black music ). When Dub is applied to e-music, some songs are extracted, and the Bass and drums are aggravated, and a large number of Echo effects are added. This technology often presents a Remix of songs during live performances. The Massive Attack-like album Protection was first mixed from the Trip-Hop music by Mad press into the Dub version.

Chill Out

This is just a general term. Next to the dance floor, there is often an area, or a small room, where there will be some gentle and calm music, so that the dancers can ease their mood and take a rest after the dance, it is mainly used to play Ambient music, so it is called "Chill Out. The Orb can be called The Chill Out music master.


This is translated into "extremely small style", which is often heard in Ambient and Techno music. A song with Minimalism has a repetitive melody and a special rhythm. It feels like a special frequency that makes you feel hypnotized. Jeff Mills's work belongs to Minimal Detroit-Techno, and has a pretty phantom color.

Black Metal

The main appeal is evil, pagination, and Satan's thoughts. It is usually classified as black metal in the lyrics containing anti-Christ and anti-religion tendencies, except for traditional heavy metal fixed instruments, other instruments, such as the piano, violin, or opera sup, are often used to create a strange and scary atmosphere in the song. Since "black metal", heavy metal groups in northern Europe are the most representative.

Representative band: Emperor, Mayhem, Enslaved, Dark Funeral

Death metal

Lefeng evolved from the background of "hitting metal" or "grinding core. Electric guitar fast repetition, a few melody-less chords, a pair of hot-hitting drums, the lead singer gritted his teeth, and the lyrics were themed with death hatred, it is full of abnormal words such as corpses, guts, dismembers, dead bodies, * corpses, likes, corpses, and abuse. Since the "death metal", heavy metal bands in Florida are the most representative.

Representative band: Death, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation

Doom destroys Metals

The pace and speed are both very slow. Less intense and less aggressive, but still quite weighty music. There are usually very clean music and songs, but sometimes there are also brutal sounds.

Typical band: solstmaeturnus, Cathedral, and Candlemass

Glam Metal gorgeous Metal

It usually refers to a heavy metal band's stage performance or external image to attract fans with exaggerated makeup or handsome appearance. Most of these bands are idol groups. The music style of "gorgeous Metal" is not too heavy, and the lyrics are not too deep. It is a popular heavy metal music and is a branch of mainstream metals.

Representative Orchestra: Kiss, Poison, Warrant, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue


Similar to the "punk" but very weighty music, the lead singer's deep roar, electric guitar, and so on, coupled with extremely fast and repetitive beats and intensive drums, it is a music of a few melodious heavy metals. The length of the music is very short, ranging from two seconds to three minutes. "Grinding core" is an extremely uncommon heavy metal music style, which is used by most "Death Metal" bands.

Representative band: Napalm Death

Grunge junk (decadent ?)

Synonym for alternative rock. Metal-like rock, which originated from Seattle, basically belongs to alternative rock rather than heavy metals.

Representative bands: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, and Alice In Chains

Hardcore Core

Originated from "punk", the lyrics are outspoken and crude, and music is like noise.

Hard Rock

Music that is less than metallic music.

Representative band: Foreigner, Blue Oyster Cult, Heart, Cinderella

Heavy Metal Heavy Metals

"Heavy Metal" must have a roar or high-definition voice, a lot of distorted sound on the electric guitar, and then fill the background space with intensive and fast drums and a strong bass, it constitutes a type of improved Rock Roll with high explosive power, fast speed, weight and destructive elements. Generally, it refers to the heavy metals in the traditional main genre or the heavy metals that cannot be classified into other heavy metals.

Representative bands: AC/DC, Accept, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, W. A.S. P.

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