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I wonder if we have any contact with the batch processing in PS, when we want to complete hundreds of photos zoom size, when you want to complete dozens of photos to change the color, at this time we can use the batch processing in PS, of course, if we want to do a unified action to apply the batch process OH. But the first thing to understand is how to set the batch processing options in order to allow batch processing successfully completed.

Step method

1, we first save the file to be processed in the same folder, and then copy (copy) one (to avoid the use of the source file again.) Open one of the pictures in the folder in Ps.

2. Before adjusting the picture, we have to prepare to record the next action. Adds a new action to the action panel. Then click the Start Recording button.

You can then edit the picture.

3. After editing the picture, save and close the picture, then click the Stop button above the action panel.

4. FILE--automatic--batch processing

5, in the setting of the target must pay attention to, in order to operate the department cumbersome, so that the movement of the continuous we want to choose "store and close" means that when our pictures each batch processing is completed automatically stored and closed.

If you look at the above is still not very clear, you can see the following Photoshop batch tutorial text version

First, we have to make the action command we need.

First, open Photoshop, select the window → action command, and open the Action Command window. At this point, the action command bar has only the default command sequence and some default actions.

The second step, the "file → open" action, any open a picture. Click the Action command bar the Create new action Shortcut command icon to create a new action in the sequence of default actions, a command dialog box that appears, enter my actions in the Name column, and then click the Record button to finish.

Step three, start creating the actions you want (the computer will automatically record your actions, save batch processing time, preferably each action is prepared in advance, recorded actions can be one-step):

1. Limit picture size: Execute the "file → auto → limit image" command, open the Figure 3 dialog box, set a series of parameters as needed, click [OK].

2. Convert color type: Perform "image → mode →cmyk color".

3.JPEG format: Execute file → Save As command, select JPEG format in the Format Drop-down menu, click Save, Open the JPEG Options dialog box, select High in the Quality Box Drop-down menu, and click [OK].

Step Fourth, click the Stop button below the action command bar to stop the recording. At this point we need to complete the action command.

Second, then the use of batch processing command, to achieve the effect of one-step

Get ready: Put all the pictures you want to work into a folder and create a new folder to place the processed pictures. Execute "file → auto → batch" open batch Command box. Then set the individual parameters and options.

1. In the Action drop-down menu, select my actions.

2. From the Source Drop-down menu, select folder.

3. Click the Select button to select the folder in which you want to process the picture in the pop-up dialog box, and click OK. Click to select the "Include All subfolders" and "Prohibit color configuration warnings" check boxes.

4. In the Destination Drop-down menu, select folder, click the Select button, and in the dialog box that pops up, select the folder where you want to place the processed picture, and click OK.

5. Select 1-digit ordinal in the Drop-down menu in the first box of "File naming" and select "extension (lowercase)" In the Drop-down menu in the second box.

6. From the Error drop-down menu, select Log errors to file, and click Save As to select a folder. If there is a problem with the batch, the computer will faithfully record the details of the error and keep Notepad in the selected folder.

After all this is done and the check is correct, click [OK], the computer will start to open the process and save the pictures that we selected until the task is over.

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