How can a product manager find an advanced critical point?

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whatever it is, we want to be able to step up as soon as possible Product Manager , how can we find an advanced threshold? This article is a senior product for your detailed answers, come and see it.

If the functional thinking as a "point ", product thinking as a " line ", the business thinking is " face " , these three ways of thinking complement each other, is I understand the product advanced route, but also different product critical point.

1 km to 3 Span style= "font-family: the song Body;" > km, then to 5 km feeling, also must understand from 5 km run to 8 km feeling when you run to the Ten km, run with 8 km is not the same feeling.

1 km or so will not be too tired, from 1 km run to 3 3 Miles, then run 5 Span style= "font-family: the song Body;" > km generally there is not much challenge.

from 5 km to 8 km, the endurance and cardiopulmonary capacity will have higher requirements, run to 8 kilometers before there will be fatigue period, long-term adherence can be easier to let the muscles and the heart and lungs to adapt to this distance, It will be relatively easy to run from 8 km to ten kilometres.

have found that in the run this matter, every breakthrough is actually after a period of savings, and then break through a critical point, so as to enter a new stage.

do products, but also in the savings, and then constantly break through the critical process, but, if you know where the tipping point, the phase of the goal will be more clear, the direction will be clearer, and naturally know where the focus on the force.

For the critical point of product capability, share my views, depending on the individual situation, for your reference.

critical point One: the formation of functional thinking

A product of small white initially on the product awareness, more is from the usual experience in other products, judging the standard of the product is based on their own preferences and habits.

Initially, the new product will be in the use of other products in the process of gradually establishing the sensory and psychological aspects of the perception of the product, the interface is not good-looking, the function is not smooth, whether it can be very convenient to complete the intended purpose, and so on, these are from a common user perspective can be perceived.

With the continuous entry of the role of product managers, from the experience and analysis of the same kind of competition, to the definition of the needs of their own products, and then complete the business logic design, began to plan a module of information architecture and functional structure, and finally to draw a prototype. In this process, the product manager has gone from a purely user perspective to a design perspective.

In this process, a complete functional design capability is established, which comes from two aspects, the first is the experience of using other products, and the second is the professional design capability from demand to prototyping.

the critical point is to use the product as a user role, regardless of the logic rigor of the product, and consider the product in the design perspective, in addition to reasonable logic and conventional path design, but also need to consider and design a lot of abnormal path. The latter way of thinking is functional thinking.

When using the login function, from the user's perspective, each use is a single point, from the input user name password to login success, this is a single point process.

From the perspective of product design, the network anomaly judgment, user name password legitimacy judgment, login success and user interaction feedback design, these are a complete function must be taken into account.

This change in the role perspective, from a product small white to functional thinking product designer, is the first advanced critical point.

Advanced thinking:

1, in-depth experience of competing products, from the functional logic, interactive experience, interface design and other aspects of building product sense;

2, dismantling each function point, in addition to the general process, the abnormal process of full traversal thinking;

3, from the user perspective of the use of products, from the design perspective to experience products.

critical point two: the formation of product thinking

Product managers with complete functional thinking are well-equipped to point-like functional designs. The basic function design and the interaction design has formed own knowledge system and the experience, at this time the advanced stage, is gradually forms the product thought.

My understanding of product thinking is: In-depth insight into user needs, feel the use of scenes, and through product tools to create user value and balance the business value of the thinking system.

The user needs of the insight, need to put down this I, in the user scene, experience the feelings of real users, product manager's intuition to discover user needs, through the product to meet user needs, create user value.

Product thinking is not the extension of functional thinking, but based on user needs, balance the user value and business value of judgment and determination.

Product newcomers See and do the logical integrity and experience integrity of the function, the Advanced Product Manager to the user needs as the driving force to promote the continuous growth of products.

For example, in the social products of the user groups such as product requirements, to think about functional thinking, the group function to provide a user group chat, and chat information in chronological order, the group member information is visible to each other, the group master can do the basic group information settings.

To think about product thinking, the first thing to answer is why there are user groups. The second is what the user value of the group brings.

Social products meet the needs of users to communicate and interact, people need to find their own sense of existence in the community, which is the basic attributes of human beings as a group of animals and the underlying needs. Social products are, to some extent, the building of human-to-human communication rules in a virtual world.

In the real world, people and people can communicate alone, but also group interaction, the content and form of communication and interaction will be varied. For example, we can communicate through the language, but also through the text expression, the same can be used to convey the meaning of the picture.

These real scenes are restored to social products, we need to build people's communication channels, also need to build communication content carrier, this is the single chat and group chat, as well as text, voice, image communication needs basis.

For the user group, we are building a group interaction scene, the group can be based on a single point of communication to increase the intersection of human contact surface, the increase in the contact surface is the formation of social network effect.

The number and stability of user relationships in social products is a very important indicator that directly determines the user's migration costs.

Therefore, from the demand, the user value for consideration, with product thinking to consider the user group function, you will find a completely different from the functional thinking angle.

the core of product thinking is to understand the needs of users, clear the product in the need to replace the original solution, in terms of efficiency and cost to do enough to improve, and always to the user value as a measure, balancing business realization, This is the second stage of the product's advanced critical point.

Advanced thinking:

1, Insight user needs, in-depth use of the scene, feel the urgency of demand;

2, deep thinking of each function behind the user value, each design has the value of existence;

3, balance user value and business value.

critical point Three: the formation of business thinking

Business thinking is a comprehensive, holistic thinking, detail-enhancing thinking, the business here is not a specific sales business or business cooperation, but around the product related to all functional sectors of cooperation.

The success of a product is not only product design, but products, technology, operations, markets and other partners to work together to cooperate with the results.

A good product manager, must be based on the user's unique understanding of the needs of the establishment of business planning and implementation of the details to grasp, through product-driven technology and operations to achieve product goals.

If the functional thinking as a " point ", product thinking as a " line ", That business thinking is " face ", These three ways of thinking complement each other, is I understand the product advanced route, but also different product critical point.

With regard to business thinking, because of my limited experience, this is not a discussion. If you have their own views and understanding, also welcome the message to discuss together.

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How can a product manager find an advanced critical point?

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