How can I install Windows XP Professional SP3 on ThinkPad x61? (NB) (ThinkPad) (x61) (OS) (Windows)

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The next generation of ThinkPad x61 has been installed with Windows Vista. Maybe you want to re-install Windows XP and upgrade it to SP3 for various reasons, this article is my experience in security.

Environment: ThinkPad x61 7673be8 + 4G memory + External USB disc + Windows XP Professional SP2 original ephemeral Disc

X61 install Windows Vista. If you want to install Windows XP on your own, there are several methods:

1. Find your desired recovery CD. This is the most simple method. However, you have installed too many thinkvantage hosts and slowed down the startup speed.
2. Install Windows XP on your own.

Install Windows XP on ThinkPad x61:
1. If x61 does not have a CD host, you need to use a USB drive to start or use ultrabase.
3. Most of the hardware XP versions of x61 do not know each other. You must install your own dynamic programs one by one.
4. Which thinkvantage tool programs should be added? Which ones should not be renewed?

The tpuser webmaster Zeng galaxy Lee used a Windows XP security process for t61, r61, and x61, which was very difficult, but earlier than the time ), some Hardware Products built in x61 are not exactly the same (such as non-existent network cards... ), this article is based on the version of the tpuser webmaster, and has been updated in Windows xp pro SP3.

As for the driver version, I have not used the latest version, but have used it for more than half a year. It is determined to be the latest version.

In this document, the security mode is available in x61 be8. For other x61 hosts, consider the entire method.

Step 1:
Enter BIOS

Start-> thinkvantage-> F1

Step 2:
Set the optical drive to start

Config-> usb bios support: Enabled
Startup-> boot-> USB CD

Step 3:
Set SATA Mode

Config-> Serial ATA (SATA)-> SATA controller mode option: compability
F10 memory BIOS settings

Step 4:
XP SP2 disc Security

Step 5:
Intel chipset driver

Unzip oss704ww.exe
Export Row C: \ drivers \ win \ intelinf \ infinst_autol.exe

Step 6:
Intel matrix Storage Manager driver

Unzip 7kim06ww.exe unbind strongswan
The black DOS box is displayed in the C: \ drivers \ win \ imsm \ prepare \ install. cmd line.

Step 7:
Set SATA hard drive in ahci Mode

Start-> thinkvantage-> F1 enters BIOS
Config-> Serial ATA (SATA)-> SATA controller mode option: ahci

Step 8:
Turn the optical drive on and use the hard drive to start the VM.

Config-> usb bios support: Disabled
Startup-> boot-> ata hdd0
F10 memory BIOS settings

Step 9:
Intel 82801hem/hbm sata ahci controller driver

After the device is restarted, XP automatically finds the new hardware and points it to c: \ drivers \ win \ imsm.

Step 10:
Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter Driver

Unzip 7kra22ww.exe unbind zookeeper
Reset MANAGER: Other devices-> Ethernet controller: update the driver c: \ drivers \ win \ Ethernet \ pro1000 \ Win32

Protocol: This is not the same as the tpuser webmaster.

Step 11:
Intel 4965AGN Wireless LAN Adapter Driver

Unzip 7kwc27ww.exe
Install the program c: \ drivers \ win \ wlanint2 \ XP \ drivers \ dpinst32.exe
The server guard should use the response body: Upload Row C: \ drivers \ win \ wlanint2 \ XP \ apps \ x32 \ iproinst.exe

Protocol: This is not the same as the tpuser webmaster.

Step 12:
Upgrade to SP3

So far, there are no or no Internet connections. Windows is now available for Internet access. ‧ Can Windows SP upgrade or downgrade, it is often because the original system does not have a dry cycle, so the whole Windows system can be connected to the Internet, and the SP3 upgrade will be made immediately ‧

Step 13:(Negligible)
Installing winodws Live Messenger & Windows Live writer

Skip this step if you are not using Windows Live Messenger & Windows Live writer ‧
The reason why MSN and wlw have been installed for so long is that MSN and wlw have never been successfully installed during the authentication process, in order to avoid the impact caused by other images, we decided to raise the morning letter ‧

Row wlinstaller.exe

Step 14:(Please decide whether to secure the website)
Thinkvantage access connection

According to the tpuser webmaster's file, thinkvantage access connection will be used after you have installed the program with and without creating network cards. This program is easy to use, however, there are a lot of problems, and there are some ways to solve the problem of slow access connections on Windows XP: (too many) How can I solve the problem of slow access connections on Windows XP? (NB) (ThinkPad) (OS) (Windows), which is too difficult to set up on some non-existing web sites, I didn't suggest installing ‧, but later I found that he has a very important feature:You can set the parameter to 802.11.‧ Maybe you will say that you can use a hardware-based relationship to disable communication, but this will802.11 close the connection with the sprout !!For example, if I use Microsoft Wireless presentation mouse 8000, This is a batch of mouse buds, so I will need to disable only 802.11, but do not disable the batch buds, so I have installed the access connection. You can decide whether to install the access connection on your own.

Unzip 7mcn38ww.exe
Upload Row C: \ drivers \ w2k \ accon \ setup.exe

Step 15:(Negligible)
DirectX 9.0c end-user Runtime

According to the tpuser webmaster file, DirectX should be installed at this time. If ThinkPad is your main working machine and won't be used for power calls, you can ignore this step.

Upload row dxwebsetup.exe

Step 16:
Intel GMA x3100 display driver

Unzip 7ld133ww.exe to solve zookeeper
Upload Row C: \ drivers \ win \ Display \ setup. exe
When the process passes, the new hardware faces will be found.
The server will change to 1024x768 resolution after the server is restarted.

Step 17:
Monitor driver

Unzip 79oi05ww.exe unbind strongswan
Desktop right navigation-> content-> Settings-> go to drivers-> content-> updates: C: \ drivers \ win \ Monitor

Step 18:(Security is not required)
Universal audio architecture (uua) high definition audio class driver

According to the tpuser webmaster's file, we need to install uua fix at this time, but since we have installed SP3, this fix has already been installed, therefore, server guard ‧ is not required ‧

Protocol: This is not the same as the tpuser webmaster.

Step 19:
Audio driver

Release 7ka1_ww.exe
Upload Row C: \ drivers \ win \ audio \ setup. exe

Step 20:
Modem driver

After you restart the host, you can find the new hardware, that is, the modem.
According to the tpuser webmaster file, the modem driver should be used at this time, but the modem cannot be used now, one more driver will only allow the start time to be extended. It is recommended that the modem be disabled directly in the BIOS.

Start-> thinkvantage-> F1
Security-> I/O port access-> modem: Disabled
F10 memory BIOS settings

Protocol: This is not the same as the tpuser webmaster.

Step 21:(Recommended security)
Thinkvantage Power Manager

This is the ThinkPad signboard tool and must be installed !! In addition to showing the current batchcompute Power Information in the tool, it can also control how to charge the batchcompute, reduce the batchcompute count, and increase the batchcompute power consumption.

Unzip 7ku708ww.exe
Upload Row C: \ drivers \ w2k \ pwrmgr \ setup. exe

Step 22:
Power Management driver

Unzip 7kku06ww.exe to solve zookeeper
Upload Row C: \ drivers \ win \ ibmpm \ setup. exe

Step 23:(Please decide whether to secure the website)
Trackpoint driver

If you only use a small metric, you do not use the high-performance feature (for a small metric and a high-performance feature, please refer to: (the original tutorial) How to Use the ThinkPad trackpoint (a small metric )? (NB) (ThinkPad), and there is no other mouse animation program, how can I not worry about small mouse animation, it automatically uses the mouse animation program created in XP, and does not affect the sensitivity of the mouse, if you have installed other mouse Animation programs, you have to install the small mouse animation program.

Unzip 7bh553ww.exe to solve zookeeper
Dig Row C: \ drivers \ win \ trackpt. V32 \ setup.exe

Step 24:
Hotkey driver

Previously, thinkvantage access connection was lost. Have you found that FN + F5 is still ineffective? FN + home does not show on screen display, because hotkey driver ‧

Unzip 7kvu22ww.exe
Upload Row C: \ drivers \ win \ hotkey \ setup. exe
On screen display: Allows FN to have out-of-band functions. For example, FN + F3 displays the source configuration and recommends security.
ThinkPad fullscreen magniier: Some people do not like fullscreen magniier, because it is too close to the CTRL + space used by the partition method, and it is easy to press the cursor. You can choose your preferred option.

Step 25:(Negligible)
Bluetooth driver

If you do not use the bud setting, you may feel uneasy.
Unzip 7jba08ww.exe Solution
Upload Row C: \ drivers \ tpbtooth \ setup. exe

Step 26:(Ignore)
Fingerprint driver

I did not use the identification function.

Step 27:(Ignore)
SD driver

According to the tpuser webmaster's document, this time we need to install the SD driver ‧ or, perhaps, because after x61, we have changed the device type of the SD host card, currently, the XP driver has caught the SD card, and you do not need to install the driver ‧

Protocol: This is not the same as the tpuser webmaster.

Step 28:(Negligible)
Thinkvantage active protection

If the hard drive is greatly affected, it will immediately stop running the hard drive. I am not sure it is useful. I have a license myself.

Unzip 7ksa12ww.exe to solve zookeeper
C: \ drivers \ win \ hprotect \ setup.exe

Step 29:
Atmel tpm driver

I don't use TPM, So I directly turn to Intel ich8m LPC interface controller.

Choose security chip> Security Chip: diabled.
F10 memory BIOS settings

Protocol: This is not the same as the tpuser webmaster.

Step 30:(Recommended security)
Thinkvantage easjeject Utility

You can press FN + F9 to exit the USB stick, which is very easy to use and recommended for security.

Unzip 7ku208ww.exe
C: \ drivers \ w2k \ ezeject \ setup. exe

Step 31:(Recommended security)
Thinkvantage presentation Director

This allows you to split the FN + F7 resolution and external screens. This is very easy to use and is recommended.

C: \ drivers \ w2k \ pdirect \ setup. exe

Step 32:(Negligible)
Thinkvantage keyboard customizer Utility

You can switch between the previous version and the next version of the notebook to the top of the notebook, and press restart on Windows. Because the new ThinkPad plugin version already contains windows drivers, the importance of this tool is reduced.

Step 33:(Ignore)
Access help

Step 34:(Ignore)
Help Center

Step 35:(Ignore)
Productivity Center

Step 36:
PCMCIA power policy Registry patch

Unzip pcmciap?zip to unzip to c: \ Temp
Export Row C: \ temp \ pcmciapw \ install. bat

Currently, all the ThinkPad x61 drivers have been installed.
Two hard bodies are not captured by administrators.

The two hard bodies that are not captured are:
Biometric coprocessor-> fingerprint Driver (directly disabled)
PCI memory controller-> Turbo memory (directly disabled)

The last reset administrator is shown in the following example.

This security process is my experience in re-installing Windows XP Professional SP3 in two weeks, in order to get the most specific and optimal security process, I have fixed the security step multiple times ‧

If you want to achieve the desired startup speed, you can naturally be uneasy about using the thinkvantage tool. However, I think the value of ThinkPad is not only in hardware, even though thinkvantage's hardware is perfectly integrated, it may affect the startup speed. I still want to secure thinkvantage ‧

Which thinkvantage tool programs are usually required? What should I do? In my experience:
Strongly recommended suggestions:
1. thinkvantage Power Manager
2. thinkvantage easjeject Utility
3. thinkvantage presentation Director

Both allow and do not allow:
1. thinkvantage active protection

1. thinkvantage access connection

Not recommended:
1. thinkvantage keyboard mimizer Utility

According to the above method, you can install a Windows XP with both excellent speed and fast speed !!

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Tpuser webmaster galaxy Lee's t61/r61/x61 Windows XP security process

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