How can I put data in a folder inaccessible to the web and download it to users?

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In the application, we may encounter this situation. We need to generate a temporary data file for the user to download, but each download must be judged, that is, the user cannot get the downloaded url to download files continuously. The following is the implementation method. The file is saved in csv format to facilitate data import and export. The basic principle is to use a stream to write a file and then use Response. WriteFile to send the stream to the client.
The structure of the table is the same as this article:
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection (System. Configuration. ConfigurationSettings. Deleettings ["conn"]);
SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter ("select * from tb1", conn );
DataSet ds = new DataSet ();
Da. Fill (ds, "table1 ");
DataTable dt = ds. Tables ["table1"];
String name = System. configuration. configurationSettings. appSettings ["downloadurl"]. toString () + DateTime. today. toString ("yyyyMMdd") + new Random (DateTime. now. millisecond ). next (1, 10000 ). toString () + ". csv "; // save it to the web. the path specified by downloadurl in config. The file format is the current date + 4-digit random number.
FileStream fs = new FileStream (name, FileMode. Create, FileAccess. Write );
StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter (fs, System. Text. Encoding. GetEncoding ("gb2312 "));
Sw. WriteLine ("automatic number, name, age ");
Foreach (DataRow dr in dt. Rows)
Sw. WriteLine (dr ["ID"] + "," + dr ["vName"] + "," + dr ["iAge"]);
Sw. Close ();
Response. AddHeader ("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename =" + Server. UrlEncode (name ));
Response. ContentType = "application/ms-excel"; // specify that the returned stream cannot be read by the client and must be downloaded.
Response. WriteFile (name); // send the file stream to the client
Response. End ();
Before this code, you can place some judgments to determine whether the user can download the file. The generated file can store the name in the database. Next time, you can download the file directly instead of writing the file repeatedly.
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