How can I upgrade Win8 to Windows 8.1? (740U3E series)

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Note: 1. Although files and applications are moved along with the upgrade to Windows 8.1, we recommend that you back up important files;
2. Install the external power supply before the operation to prevent the update from being correctly installed due to power failure;
3. Before upgrading to Windows 8.1, use the Samsung Notebook's built-in SW Update software to upgrade all available updates (including BIOS programs/drivers/Samsung pre-installed software ).

1. Right-click the blank area of the Metro interface and select all applications in the lower right corner ].


2. In the "application" list, find and click "SW Update.


3. The "SW Update" software window is opened, as shown in the following figure:


4. Select [update] on the left ].


5. Select the software to be updated and click OK in the lower right corner.


Step 2. Download Windows 8.1 from the App Store

1. After the update is complete, select the [App Store] tile on the Metro interface.


2. Click Update Windows in the App Store ].


3. Click Download under "Windows 8.1 Chinese version ].


4. The progress bar for downloading the Windows 8.1 Chinese version appears. Wait for the download, as shown in the figure below:


1. after the Windows 8.1 Chinese version is downloaded, the computer will be automatically updated and restarted multiple times. When you restart the computer for the last time and enter the settings page, please go to the "License Terms, click accept in the lower-right corner ].


2. The "Settings" window is displayed. Click "use quick settings" in the lower right corner ].


3. Enter your account password on the "Your Account" page, and click "next" in the lower right corner ].


4. At this time, the computer will prompt "installing the application", as shown in the figure below:


5. After the application is installed, you can enter the Windows 8.1 operating system, as shown in the figure below:



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