How can I use ASP to return images?

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Good news: a component used for drawing (pie chart, bar chart, and various shape images)
Why is it a good thing? Let's take a look at the introduction below.
This component has two versions: a registration version and a non-registration version.
Non-registered version: (although not registered, it can be used all the time. This is also
One of the reasons why I strongly recommend it)
1. Allows you to generate image files in JPEG format.
2. Allows you to generate transparent GIF image files.
3. Generate a picture file in staggered GIF format
4. You can save a graphic file in either of the following ways: generate a graphic file directly
The other is to save it to the array and then directly output it to the WWW page.
5. You can draw text images and support text in any font installed on your machine.
6. You can export and preview documents generated by the OLE service program, such as MS Word and Excel.

7. You can use bitmap to freely scale, mirror, rotate, and cut images.
8. Use local Image Cache
10. Attackers can obtain detailed information about any JPEG, GIF, and BMP files.
11. Supports Windows screen capture.
12. Generate dynamic GIF images
The following restrictions apply to non-registered versions:
1. Only 8 colors can be used at most, but I think it is not a limit for most people,
2. The maximum image size that can be generated is 320x240
For the registered version:
13. Allows you to modify existing GIF, JPEG, and BMP files online.
14. Customizable color palette
15. Cyclically show GIF animation
Example program:
VBScript example:
Set obj = CreateObject ("shotgraph. image ")
Size = 201
Obj. CreateImage size, size, 4
Obj. SetColor 0,255,255,255
Obj. SetColor
Obj. SetColor 2,255,108, 0
Obj. SetColor 0,204
Obj. SetBgColor 0
Obj. FillRect 0, 0, size-1, size-1
Obj. SetDrawColor 1
Obj. Line size-1, 0, 0, size-1
Obj. SetBgColor 2
Obj. Ellipse 5, 5, size-6, size-6
Obj. SetBgColor 3
Obj. Ellipse 5, (size-5)/4, size/2, (size-5) * 3/4
Obj. GifImage 0, 1, "test.gif"
Sample code of ASP:
Response. ContentType = "image/gif"
Set obj = Server. CreateObject ("shotgraph. image ")
Size = 201
Obj. CreateImage size, size, 4
Obj. SetColor 0,255,255,255
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