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More than a year ago, I was still at school and had nothing to worry about when I was a senior. During that time, I was fascinated by the embedded system and read the 0.1 version of the Linux kernel source code, which suddenly aroused my own interest in the underlying operating system. Then I searched for the embedded development board on the Internet and finally chose the fl2440 embedded development board from the company. I was very interested when I bought it. I configured ads, installed the system unbuntu, and learned how to build the QT environment (but it was not completely successful and started to use it ). After all of the above, in the next semester of the senior year, there was no learning atmosphere in the dormitory and the graduation design was required. The fl2440 board was put on hold, and the study on Embedded was also stuck.

Now, the company has officially started to work, and its main business in the company is to use JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other web pages.Programming LanguageDevelop Web ApplicationsProgram. I don't know how to pass the call after work, but I think of the fl2440 development board that I bought with RMB and it is still popular for embedded development. However, when I am away from work, I really don't know what the application will do and what to learn based on my existing development board. For embedded systems, we only have a superficial understanding. We learn automation on our own. We have experience in Single Chip Microcomputer Development. We hope that our predecessors who are familiar with embedded technology can give some suggestions to our younger generation.

Thank you!

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