How can php register with a mobile phone number and then automatically send text messages to the mobile phone number?

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How can php register with a mobile phone number and then automatically send text messages to the mobile phone number? The process of establishing the actual application (for details, I also want to learn about it)

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Me? Thoughts:
??? ? Hands ???, After submission, PHP? Use? Sms api? Send SMS ??? ? Hand ??, SMS? Rong is login? Password ?, Use? Can I receive the password? It is successful. cannot receive or? Filled ?? ? Farden ?.

I think you already know the basic business logic.
The key difficulty is the mobile phone text message interface.
You can apply for the relevant text message service, and you will get the corresponding interface serial number and password.
The interface document will have corresponding examples or demos, which will be applied to your project according to its business logic.

Is there a free api? Send a link. thank you!

It is impossible to be free, because no one will be willing to make selfless dedication and spend money on you.

There are a lot of charged platforms, they will provide interfaces in various languages, this is nothing

Wood has a free interface, and many SMS service providers provide interfaces ~

Me? Is the company used? API use? Yes ?? SMS? Customer ?, 1000? Yes? Send 5000? SMS, provided? Me ??? API is a company in Taipei? You too? Any? Exam? Value.

The key is that you need to pay for text messages, which is about 5 minutes or more expensive.

This is no difficulty. if you buy the service, it will provide you with an interface. then, you can pass the parameter.

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