How can the new site exchange friendship links suitable for its own website?

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I. Only perform similar exchanges

For any website, whether it is a new site or an old site, in the principle of exchanging friendship links, we must first abide by the principle that only links of similar websites can be exchanged. It is difficult for new sites to find suitable links and partners. In fact, there is a lot of exchange between such websites, especially in the early stage of the website, which has no benefit for the "ranking" of the website, unless it is a one-way link.

II. No cross-join

Some webmasters often exchange "cross-connections", such as: "your A-site link to my C-site, and my B-site link to you ". In fact, what it really cares about is station C, rather than station B. Station B serves as a link workshop. How much benefit do you expect from the websites that he abandoned? The exchange of such links will undoubtedly turn the website into a link workshop.

III. Number of links

I often receive some comments from Webmasters: "My website is PR *. How do I exchange links with your website ?" A webmaster of a new station must be very excited. My website does not have a PR, so I have a high PR website to find my own link. However, when looking at the PR level, the webmaster should also check the number of friendship links output by the other party. For example, if a PR3 website has more than 40 entries, it will basically be useless. What is the purpose of exchange? Now there are a lot of links for sale. The PR5 website has one hundred and two hundred links. How can this problem be solved?

IV. Website quality

Do not judge the quality of a website based on the website's indexing and PR level. Because all websites focus on "door-to-door", high-weight websites will not find you a new site for links, unless the sky has fallen, or you have a wide network of contacts. The new site exchanged links, and should pay more attention to the development potential of the website, the current quality, whether it has been well optimized, and whether the construction of the content chain is timely and excellent. If you encounter such a website, you can switch between them. Your weights will always get an equivalent increase at the end.

5. Beware of link fraud

In this age, too many people were involved in "link" scams, and webmasters had to defend against them. The commonly used measurement is: robots.txt shielding. For more information, see A5 optimization team: Beware of link fraud and recognize the ROBOTS specifications. Second, there are also some low-quality undo links, jump links, and so on, but the main means will be exposed in some "Webmaster Tools", here we suggest the webmaster to timely check the links.

VI. Replacement of links

Although friendship links are not just links but friendship, they are only built on the premise that each other is "equal" (or you are really friends ). Once this premise is broken, the link must be replaced. In this way, the weight of a new station can be gradually increased. I often pay attention to my own links. I suggest removing the links of those websites that took snapshots for one week in the past half a month. Basically, these websites may be downgraded.


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