How can we achieve the freedom of wealth in the ugi project?

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Ugi is a very special project. In particular, the currency is not used for speculation. Only air coins can be used to quote money only in terms of price. How can we make a fuss about the poor performance? In addition to pulling a disk, there are no more points that can be exciting.
Ugi is different. It has a value anchoring plan. Users do not need to spend a penny, but can enjoy the lifetime protection of the anchor plan, so that all low-income groups who cannot afford insurance can also enjoy more benefits and huge wealth growth. How many projects can this problem be achieved?
Ugi also has the global point store app. Don't underestimate this app. This is a tool that turns users' daily behaviors into cash income. That is to say, you eat, sleep, play games, buy things, and all these behavior pictures, in the app, you can upload and obtain cash points. Please note that this cash point will be credited at in the future.

A lot of people have such a doubt that ugi is currently so low. How can we make money in the ugi project of global point store to realize the freedom of wealth?
As an official company, you must first make it clear that if you want to make quick money, please go out and turn left. We are not playing with the fund disk. We reward users with our own lives. We cannot promise to make money quickly, so we can't afford to disappoint you.
If you do not want to make quick money, but to make money steadily and steadily, instead of making investment, we can continue to look at it.

As a common user, how can you make money in the ugi project and how can you realize the freedom of wealth?

The simplest way to make money without any cost is to play global points. Currently, the Global point store app is available in the Baidu and 360 markets, and can be downloaded in coin and blockchain markets. It is currently the first version. However, in this version, users can obtain cash points each time they upload various types based on the specified topic, and share them with friends. The second version will activate money theft and other methods to further make the app more fun and more commercial. In the global point store app, you can easily renew for tens of thousands of yuan. Pay attention to the tens of thousands of yuan in cash that can be withdrawn at in the future. Are you sure this is the simplest way of bonus hunting? Isn't this the simplest way to make money?

Secondly, when it comes to freedom of wealth, we 'd better take part in value anchoring. Why? Participating in value anchoring is actually not costly, right? In fact, the anchor of that grade is the same. However, we need to calculate dividends. In the future, we will pay more dividends under what circumstances, which may achieve the freedom of wealth.
In general, participating in the anchor is not costly. This is the premise. Then we calculate the dividends for each year in the future. Even if every year is divided into 20 thousand yuan, isn't fifty years worth 1 million Yuan? Oh, by the way, we can also increase the number of dividends. What if it is five or six times a year?
What's more, if the number of dividends is large and the number of dividends will be sold to others later, it will not be as small as ten thousand and two million. The number of dividends is very valuable.

So how can I make money in the ugi project? Do you understand? Don't look at ugi from the perspective of currency hyping. We don't mean that air coins only play games with price increases or decreases.

How can we achieve the freedom of wealth in the ugi project?

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