How can we correctly recognize and improve our "Landscape", "vision", and "height "?

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Well, let's start:


Step 1: Find the most awesome people in your field (case study)


Isn't that difficult?


If you are selling in the insurance industry, you can find out the insurance sales leader in your company in China or even the world;

If you are engaged in customer service in the e-commerce industry, find out your company, the most awesome customer service in the e-commerce industry in China;

If you are planning and consulting, you can find out the most amazing people and cases in your company and related companies in China;


Even you can find out the n most popular figures you have heard or seen (such as Steve Jobs? Bill Gates? Big research one? Buffett? Soros ?).



Another key point is to put your higher level (that is, your direct leadership) on the list.


Well, you should have a bunch of lists or cases in your hands now (it is better to concentrate on one field first, because this will make you tired)


Step 2: massive absorption of their experiences and deeds


List the list and cases in your hands, and list the books, cases, autobiography, news reports, and lace of each of them ...... Search all (dizzy ?), Sort by time and organize them into a knowledge base (tired ?);


However, there is no detail in this case;


One by one. Don't worry. The most important thing is fast. Haha.


Then, find your "audience" (or take a mirror and make sure there is no one around you, or you will be easily caught in a mental hospital, I want to repeat the information you have searched for in the current period. I remember that it was a piece of text, not a piece of news or a book, how does this person do it when a problem or difficulty occurs;


At this time, your perseverance and efficiency are tested,Chicken Soup: how can this problem be solved?


Step 3: Repeat Step 2 from three months to six months


You are not mistaken. Repeat Step 2. If your "audience" is crazy, find the next "audience ";


Based on experience, it is the most difficult to study a field (or a person) in the first month (or step 2 for the first time. Why? They are all new information. Even if you worship this person again, you will be exhausted and tired;


In the process of repetition, you will find that:


1. I have a comprehensive understanding of this person, case, or field;

2. From the initial unconditional acceptance, I began to think about "why"-for example, "Why did Steve Jobs create next after he was evicted from the board of directors ?" "Why did Shi fail ?"

3. Where is the core of this field? Basically, you can laugh at the ugly world;


"What would I do if it was me ?"

"What should I do when I take over such a job ?"

"Why did he come up with such a method? What if it's me? Is there any other way ?"


Step 2... Step 2... Step 2... Ask yourself why ".


Believe me, as long as you are not crazy and repeat constantly, after half a year, at most less than a year, your bid will go up like the rocket, and then "done" will go up. Two years later, if you have a high level of qualifications, You have to develop a new school. If you have a low level of qualifications, you can think a lot better than you did before.


Let's talk about how I felt when I was doing this n years ago:


1. Awesome people start from their heads (thinking;

2. Describe the words of the awesome man. There are many purposeful and one-sided words that can be distinguished only when they are too many;

3. fall into a paradox and be unable to extricate themselves for three months:What you see is what others let you see.;

4. An awesome person, from mediocre to remarkable, is generally laid by a typical event;

5. At that time, the world thought that Steve Jobs was a great marketing engineer, but he was actually a great product manager;


Step 1-3 has only one purpose, so that you can learn from the world's first-class head and think about problems;


In any field, to a certain extent, the effect of "talent" will be revealed. I believe that you are far from reaching this level. Before that, we should first frequency your head, the brain frequency is similar to that of awesome people;


Step 4: Apply the methods after improving the field of view to practice


After six months to one year, I believe that your bid has been improved a lot and you can see a lot of things clearly.


At this time, I encountered business problems, at least not as "What should I do ?" When you hold on, you will first "Calm down", review the cases of the cattle in your head, and then make a move. At least at this time, your head is not the previous wooden fish, naturally, you will not be ignorant, but be targeted.


At this time, you should be promoted to the next level.


What? Do not allow promotion? Can I change my job? Based on the knowledge of the industry and the people, the knowledge is broadened, and the eloquence of story-based practice is repeated. Should I increase my salary by at least twice? Hmm?


The method is cruel and the effect is obvious.


"Use the most awesome way of thinking to deal with your current problems ."



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