How can we split the Popup feature from the Forum code of Baoyu?

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How can we split the Popup feature from the Forum code of Baoyu?
Prepared by: Zheng Yu
Time: 20050128
We need to send a request to the IE front-end in the background and let the browser pop up a Popup to prompt the user, instead of making a timer to constantly retrieve data from the background to prompt the forum for new posts.
In this way, the following file is extracted from the source code CnForums1 [1]. 2:
L PopupManager. cs (removes the reference code for ASPnetForum );
L SkinnedForumWebControl. cs (removes the reference code for ASPnetForum );
L PopupManager. js;
L PopupManager. ascx under the Skins directory;
L popupmanager.css under the CSS directory;
L all images under the images directory;
Add these files to your project.

Add the following to your default. aspx page:
<Link rel = 'stylesheet 'type = 'text/css 'href = 'css/popupManager.css'>
<Script src = "Scripts/PopupManager. js" type = "text/javascript"> </script>

<Exp: PopupManager runat = "server" ID = "Popupmanager1" Visible = "False" EnableViewState = "False"/>

Then, add the following code to default. aspx. cs:
Protected Linktone. ToneReports. Components. PopupManager Popupmanager1;

/// <Summary>
/// Use this function to set attributes of the Popup window beyond the IE window
/// </Summary>
/// <Param name = "sender">
/// Sender
/// </Param>
/// <Param name = "sTitle"> complete information about Popup </param>
/// <Param name = "sInfo"> brief message about Popup </param>
Private void Popup (
String sTitle,
String sInfo)
Popupmanager1.Visible = true;
// Edit the script language to be executed
String javaScript = @ "<script language = javascript> try {var popupManager = new PopupManager ();" +
"Var p = popupManager. AddPopup ('popupwin', '" + sTitle +
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