How can Windows defender shut down completely?

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According to a recent test, Windows Defender software, which comes with Windows systems, has the greatest impact on the speed of win10 in all anti-virus security software involved in testing.

and WIN10 system of Windows Defender will be in the work of scanning computer programs, so that the CPU load increases, thus occupying computer resources, affecting the speed of the computer, but it is said to delete there will be "Sequela", then how to perfect solve this problem?

Win10 how to completely shut down Windows Defender

1. Install anti-virus software

Install other anti-virus software, Windows defender will automatically shut down. But almost all anti-virus software will be more or less the system resources, in the absence of a suitable anti-virus software, you can choose to shut down Windows Defender.

2. Use the Local Group Policy Editor to close (Pro or Enterprise Edition)

Using Win+r to open the Run dialog box, enter the Gpedit.msc command, press ENTER, in the open Local Group Policy Editor panel, open Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-window components-windows Defender, in the right sidebar, select "Close Windows Defender ".

3. Use Registry Editor to close (Home Edition)

For WIN10 Home Edition users, there is no local Group Policy than the machine, so you can only modify the registry method to close the service, the following steps:

1) Use Win+r to open the Run dialog box and enter Regedit to open the registry;

2) Open hkey_local_machine_software_policies_microsoft_windows Defender in turn;

3) Right-click on the right-hand side and select New-dword (32-bit) value;

4) Name the new value Disableantispyware, and double-click Assign value to 1;

5) Restart your computer after clicking Confirm.

This is the way Win10 completely shut down Windows Defender, but also in the Windows Defender "tortured" friends to try it.

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How can Windows defender shut down completely?

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