How can you proudly say that you don't care?

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1. Not care/give two hoots

In English, this idiom says "I don't care at all". There is a kind of sneer, and the root cannot catch up.

Example: I don't care two hoots about having money, as long as I'm happy.

I don't care if I have any money.


2. Big deal!

This phrase originally represents "major events and important things", but it is often used as a rhetorical phrase in Oral English, which means "How big things" and "Nothing amazing ".

Example: So he earns more than me. Big deal!

Isn't he making more money than me? What's amazing!


3. for all I care

Literally, do not mistakenly assume that this idiom refers to "Everyone cares". Its true meaning is "not care at all "!

For example: for all I care, he can leave today.

He loves to leave today, and I don't care at all.


4. cocould/couldn't care less

Many friends are dizzy when they encounter this phrase. Do they care or don't care? Please remember this time. Whether it is cocould or couldn't care less, all said is "don't care", "don't worry at all ".

For example, I cocould care less what happens.

I don't care what happens in render manager.


5. Give a damn

This phrase is often used in a negative sentence to indicate "not caring" or "not interested ".

For example, I don't want to hear about her problems. I just don't give a damn.

I don't want to hear her questions, because I'm not interested at all.



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