How Chrome modifies themes

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First we open the Chrome browser, first install my chrome theme this gadget (click to enter), install my chrome theme need to login to Google account, the successful login can complete the installation.

Figure 1 Installing my Chrome theme tool

When my chrome theme is installed, I will find my chrome theme in Chrome's new tab-Application and click on it to turn on the production feature.

Figure 2 My Chrome theme to create a personalized theme

Using my chrome theme to make the chrome theme approach is simple, it takes only three steps to complete. is to import your picture as the background pattern for the New tab page.

Figure 3 My Chrome theme to create a personalized theme

When you add a picture background, you can choose to upload a local picture or open a camera to take pictures.

Figure 4 Uploading the chrome theme background

Small series selection of local upload files, pictures uploaded after the bottom can be adjusted position, the picture placed in the right place. Click on the "Picture effect" preview, if you feel the picture is not easy to see can also be imported pictures.

Figure 5 Adjusting the chrome theme background position

Figure 6 Preview Chrome Theme Effects

After choosing a good picture, enter the second step of the theme making, by modifying the toolbar, the background label and the frame color respectively to make perfect unification with the background picture. Here the amendment plan each has each person's liking, the small part is not detailed to narrate.

Figure 7 Adjusting the color of the chrome frame

When the frame color is adjusted, click Continue to step 3. Name your own chrome theme, and click Set as my theme background when you're done.

Figure 8 Creating a personalized theme with my Chrome theme

At this time, everyone produced their own chrome theme has been successfully produced. Click Install to take effect. In addition, you think you make a good chrome theme, you can also share resources with your friends.

Figure 9 Installing the chrome theme you made

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