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Some users in the use of chrome, landing some sites but found that the landing can not be verified, Chrome automatically blocked some plug-ins, then the chrome how to set the automatic unblock plug-in operation, the following small series to bring you the Chrome certificate control method.

Unblock Secure Login Controls

Step one: Log on to a Web site where the password input box is a security control and cannot be entered at this time. The plugin was automatically blocked.

Step two: Temporarily unblock the method, right click on the Password box, select Run this plugin

Step three: This is only a temporary lifting of the block, if the refresh will have control blocked, the only solution is to let Google Chrome Google browser no longer prevent this plug-in to run. Looking at the far right of the address bar, there is a red fork, which is a secure login control blocked by the browser.

Fourth step: Click this fork, choose always allow the use of the xxx URL on the plugin

Fifth step: No matter how you refresh and turn it off again, this plugin will automatically run.

Unlock digital Certificate Plugin Verify login block

The first step: This is the landing of a digital certificate needs to verify the background of the digital certificate authentication prompts, in fact, the digital certificate is not missing, is blocked by the browser.

Step two: Also click on the Address Bar fork button

Step three: Choose to always allow use of the plugin on the xxx URL

Four step: Verify success

Google Chrome To manually set the method of not blocking Plug-ins

First: Click on the Settings button, select Settings

Second: Select Show advanced Settings

Step three: Select content Settings

Fourth Step: Click Admin exception ...

Fifth step: According to the rules of the prompts to enter the URL without blocking plug-ins, click Done, and then login to these settings URL will be able to automatically run Plug-ins.

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