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"9 Yin Zhenjing" was a well-known author on the forum 《Software Testing", American Ron Patton's work.


I met this book nearly half a year after I became a software tester in our workshop, so I turned it into a big regret in my life. So often, when I am idle, I think: If I have met this book at the beginning or at least three months earlier, my current level should be who and who. I have always admired this book. Just like the predecessor who strongly recommended this book on the Forum, this book tells me too many useful things, at that time, I thought that after reading this book, my skills increased greatly and I suddenly jumped to the software testing entry-level disciple.


Let's take a look at this book. (Note: I first saw the second version of translation, ISBN 7-111-18526-9 ).


The first part of the book, the translator's preface, tells the story of the first bug in history. In the first chapter of the book, the author Ron Patton lists "Notorious software errors ". When I saw these mistakes, I did feel a little proud. Because software testing is so important, it is also a glorious and great job as a software tester, just like a saint-artist. The second half of the first part of the book describes the testing quality, bugs, software development processes, and the essence of software testing. I didn't care about these things when I first read them, as a result, these things do not have a direct or effective effect (although it seems that at that time it was a little too anxious, but it is also a false positive, you can directly cut into the most important part of the test: method ), secondly, I had some knowledge about these things at the time. After all, it was not just a waste of time to mix things on the Forum in the first half of the year. I still know something.


Next, read the second part of the book, and test the technology part. This section describes the classification of tests andBlack box testingWhite box testingStatic testing, dynamic testing, static black box testing, and so on. I was a bit dizzy when I saw these things, especially when talking about static dynamics, I always don't understand why the code is tested. Next, we will introduce the testing of the product manual and explain in detail the black box and white box testing.


The third part of the book is aboutOthersMainstream Test types: configuration test, compatibility test, international test localization test, usability test, document test,Security Testing, Web testing, and so on, all of them simply mention and explain the general appearance of these tests, and have not discussed them in depth. As an entry-level book, the organizational structure of this book is reasonable, taking into account the overall situation, and at the same time grasping the details right.


The following parts supplement the previous test knowledge and describeAutomated TestingOf course, it also includes the knowledge of the test documentation. This section of the test document is my most important content when I first read it, because it was not until that time that I knew that the test should write many documents besides the test cases, the test results also need to be well documented (unfortunately, I had a mess of bugs for half a year .) At the end of the book, I did not forget to mention "The Future of testing". I didn't see this at the time, because after I saw the test document, I found that my document was very bad and I directly integrated the document, the whole bug is gone, and the subsequent content will not care.


As mentioned above, the biggest significance of this book is that it gives me an overall impression of testing, rather than staying in the messy state of the past, although the content is not described in detail due to the limited space and the positioning of books, the previous experience in forums and pure grass-roots workshops has accumulated, this gives me a more comprehensive understanding of testing after reading this book. Last month, I sorted myself outLearningAfter reading this book, I feel different. Taking this book as an outline, it combines the project experience with the programming and testing experience learned from different places. It once again organized its own knowledge system and made a lot of new tastes. By the way, for some reason, this book does not specifically mention an important branch of today's testing --Performance Testing. However, whether you have read this book or not, I recommend that you take a good look.


Although the "9 Yin Zhenjing" is good, it is obviously not enough to do it all once and for all. There is no such thing in this world, let alone how it all goes through reading a book, the experience behind me proves this point: I learned how to get lost in the dark.

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