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Introduction: Wi-Fi network is an essential communication tool in our life. Today, asking for a Wi-Fi password has become the first thing most users want to do in a new place, but most people don't have a sense of Wi-Fi security. According to statistics, China's mobile phone users are approaching 600 million, with the sound of mobile networks and rapid development, mobile phones and other mobile terminals access to Wi-Fi internet access, has become the preferred choice for most netizens, and anytime, anywhere connected Wi-Fi network, but also for users to save the trouble of mobile phone traffic. But we often ignore the importance of Wi-Fi network security, but every day automatically connected Wi-Fi network, will also become the sale of personal privacy export.

CNNIC China Internet Statistics Report

This year's 3.15 party mentioned the security of Wi-Fi network, and the false free public Wi-Fi hotspot has become the target, was pushed on the cusp, about the LAN closed-loop security issues alert to rub nets for the purpose of users, personal privacy protection has no delay. But what does not know about free Wi-Fi products will produce the same problems and security risks.

CCTV program exposure free Wi-Fi products exist security risks

Recently, the CCTV "Live Room" column on the exposure of the Wi-Fi Universal key category, playing free Wi-Fi banner "Rub the net artifact", is how to leak Wi-Fi users personal privacy cases.

LBE Safety Master Safety Engineer Detailed principle

The current application market similar "rub net artifact" very much, Wi-Fi universal key is such a more well-known products, it can help users do not know the password in the case of a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot to achieve the purpose of rubbing the net. According to LBE security Master Technical Experts Fang explained, Wi-Fi universal key such products to achieve the principle of rubbing the net will be suspected of leaking, because such applications will silently share the user password, and in the use of the process, the user will not be aware of. Therefore, the use of free Wi-Fi products (rub mesh artifact) There are great security risks, as well as the risk of personal privacy leakage.

Users found that the home is not to be rubbed net

The miss of Beijing met such troubles, some time ago small still suddenly found their own home network especially slow, after a variety of obstacles, found is due to the home Wi-Fi by people rub net caused, but her Wi-Fi password set more difficult, she also did not use free Wi-Fi products, But the home Wi-Fi or someone else to rub, this makes her very confused. In the best of times, technicians let small still think of her have no friend installed this kind of products and connect her home Wi-Fi, she just remembered in helping home cooking aunt even Wi-Fi, see Aunt installed Wi-Fi universal key.

This means that once you've installed a Wi-Fi key, it will automatically share your password in the process of connecting Wi-Fi. And more worrying, if hackers use such products to connect users Wi-Fi, you can randomly on the LAN users to monitor, attack, intercept the user's bank card information, the user's privacy caused a great threat.

Random access to the enterprise internal browsing files

Not only that, if hackers attack corporate Wi-Fi, the company's business privacy poses a serious threat, and the enterprise caused huge economic losses. LBE Security Master Technical expert Fang The scene demonstrated how to use the Wi-Fi universal key and simple tools to access the enterprise intranet to view corporate privacy documents.

Although the universal Wi-Fi key products such as the recent pressure of public opinion, modified some of the infringement settings and functions, but this type of application due to long-term accumulation, the user community is huge, or can not avoid the existence of security problems.

Second, detailed Wi-Fi leakage privacy

For the false free public Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi universal key products such as security risks and privacy issues such as leakage, the author specifically connected to the Lbe Security Master CEO Zhang Yong.

Zhang Yong said, Wi-Fi as a mobile network portal, will give users three aspects of the problem:

1, User level information security issues (affect users: false free public Wi-Fi hotspot, free Wi-Fi products)

As described in CCTV 315 party, the false free public Wi-Fi hotspot poses a great threat to user's privacy security, and can intercept the information sent by the user arbitrarily. And for free Wi-Fi products also exist such risks, hackers in the Wi-Fi LAN can still intercept the user's information.

2, Wi-Fi owner-level home LAN Security issues (affect users: free Wi-Fi products)

Password is home Wi-Fi network closed-loop portal, now using home Nas, home Smart Hardware, a small number of users, more users will also use the LAN sharing function, but most users of the concept of LAN security is very few. Hackers have access to home Wi-fi password, free to connect home Wi-Fi network and attack, which is often the first time Wi-Fi owners are not aware of, this is a personal security and local area network users pose a serious threat.

3, the enterprise level of business security issues (affect users: free Wi-Fi products)

Enterprises usually have their own Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fi, and many enterprises will have a large number of shared files in the local area network for employees or visitors to visit. And when visitors or employees use the free Wi-Fi products, the company's Wi-Fi password will also leak, which is a threat to the enterprise's information security, but also to the enterprise's business privacy security poses great danger.

For the false free Wi-Fi hot spots such problems, users do not mess with unknown Wi-Fi, you can eliminate the situation of privacy leakage. And for Wi-Fi universal key such as free Wi-Fi products, for the purpose of rubbing nets for users, must be used with caution, so as not to the friends or companies around to bring unnecessary impact. For Wi-Fi owners, pay attention to password security, regularly modify passwords, such as a certain network knowledge users, can add wireless devices to filter and hide the way the wireless network, to reduce the chance of being rubbed on the net.

And if you are worried about the Wi-Fi password leaked users, you can use the latest version of the Lbe security master to do Wi-Fi password security detection, to query their own Wi-Fi password leakage of the situation, such as a Wi-Fi password is leaking, we recommend that users change the password immediately, Or remind the Wi-Fi owner to change the password to avoid a possible privacy leak issue.

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