How do computers often shut down automatically?

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How do computers often shut down automatically?

The first: High CPU temperature

How do you know if the CPU temperature is too high? We can download a computer housekeeper that detects computer CPU running

After the download, we install it, the installation of the steps here is not detailed, we will certainly

After installing, we open him, in the lower right corner there is a toolbox, we open him, will pop up one such interface:

There is a hardware check in the utility, ↑ Click to open it, there will be a screen like this:

On the right we will see your motherboard of various information and temperature, affecting the normal operation of the computer is the CPU and graphics card, if your computer runs for a period of time, CPU or graphics card temperature of more than 70 degrees, that means your home computer cooling problems

If the cooling problem, the solution is to open your computer, cleaning up the dust, it is best to do a large clean-up. After the cleanup, the CPU and video card temperature will slowly go down.

The above method if still does not solve your problem, that may be the system problem, the solution looks the second kind

Second: System problems

May be a virus, the use of our housekeeper to kill the virus, if no virus found, then reload the system, after reloading, if it is not resolved, it may be your computer hardware problems, find a local repair computer to see it.

The computer often shuts down automatically the solution two

One: The reason why the computer shuts down automatically

1. Hardware problems: For example, the CPU fan used after a long time will be covered with a lot of dust, will lead to slow operation, cooling effect is not ideal! This is the easiest way to cause the computer to crash.

2. Loose memory: The memory card slot loose inside the chassis will also cause the computer to crash.

3. Virus problem: Computer virus, can cause a variety of problems arise. Automatic shutdown is no exception.

4. System damage: If the operating system's core files are damaged, it may also cause the computer often automatically shutdown.

II: Solutions

1. First detect whether the CPU temperature is too high cause! Most of it is for this reason! You can use the computer butler inside the hardware detection tool, you can detect the temperature of the CPU, if too high, to more than 80 degrees, this is certainly because the CPU fan effect is not ideal cause! Can you take apart the chassis, clean the dust!! A notebook can also clean up the dust inside the computer.

2. The memory strip loose very good judgment, if freezes, once again turns on the time will not be able to open the machine, may appear the drip sound. This time you can pull out the memory strips, and then use the old newspaper to wipe the golden finger portion of the memory. Then gently install into the memory card slot inside.

3. If not, you can kill the virus. This is not much to say how to operate it. Download a direct anti-virus software, click the overall killing can be. can also enter Safe Mode antivirus.

Third: Other problem-solving methods

1, software settings will be relatively small, such as downloading automatic shutdown. This will fail the second time the computer is turned off.

2, there is also a power supply motherboard damage, this will need to repair the computer where the processing. The power supply is good, dozens of to 100 more can be replaced, the motherboard to damage the more expensive point.

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