How do employees face customers?

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A passionate person is better than 40 people who are only interested. The relationship between customers and the company cannot be replaced. Compared with ordinary customers, the profit created by loyal customers is 23% higher than the average profit, while that of non-loyal customers is 13% lower than the average profit.

Five steps to improve employee-customer contact:

1) understand the task objectives
2) exercise how to respond to customers or visualize them
3) how to respond to or meet their requirements

4) evaluate consumer data and feedback

5) Repeat the preceding steps

The best way for the customer to solve the problem and remedy the problem is to apologize.
1) acknowledge the existence of the problem
2) apologize for the problem
3) grasp the initiative of the problem and follow up the development of the problem, even if the problem is not solved
4) handle the problem on the spot
5) if the problem cannot be solved immediately, report the problem to the superior as soon as possible. The delay will cause problems.
6) give the customer a satisfactory response, so that they can trust the company more.

How do employees face customers?

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